Pally's Gallery

So yeah. I'll start posting my artwork here. Good... Bad... And absolutely (f)ugly alike! :lol:

Speaking of which. Here's a 7-years-old drawing to start off with. It was heavily degraded, so I had to erase alot.

*opens the Matrix slowly*
"Now... Light our darkest hour!"
It still has more details than ANY of my own drawings...
Argh, just seeing Shur's application of the shmexiness that is Sergevirusx's stuff...

-takes a breath-

Now, I wouldn't say what you've got is so bad. You've got your details already coming into check: vents, ammo belts and the like. What you're going to want to work on, it looks to me, is better control over dynamics, as in posing and such.

Looking forward to more in the future. ^^
And another old drawing. This the Meta-MA/transport for the previous unit/drawing. Function dictates its form... as with most of my drawings. Oh, and it transforms, though I've long since lost the picture of it's flight-mode form.

On another note, the mech from the previous drawing only comes up to this Armor's reverse-leg-joint. This thing is huge.

I've got a few perspective drawings, but they're so bad... even I wont post them.

PS: This was done during a Math Lab, hence the graph paper. I don't like graph paper. <_<

More artings to come. :lol:
Reminds me of a Star Wars chicken walker (AT-ST).

Sweet. Very detailed. I don't know what you're talking about man, this is great. Maybe not the Transformer-esque one, but even that's bettter than I could do.

Oh, and as a sidenote... You could have called it the Pallery. =D
This drawing is about 5 years old, and sorta unfinished...

It's also smeared to death. But I likes it anyways.

As usual, function dictates form.

THIS drawing is OLD. 8 years of age to it. It's got more than a few mistakes in it, but it's still one of my better drawings, and I am proud of it regardless.

Not even kidding, you have some real talent at this!

I'd say your feet might be the weekest link recurring in these pics, but your details are good and even your drawing from eight years back shows some dynamic posing skill.
-face is pwned-
I do...
Live things.

Great shit tho'...
8-years, you think the picture has problems, and it blows me so far out of the water I need a spacesuit. I'm glad I'm a writer.
Excellent work.