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Behold! The Grand opening of my rpg, Last Breath, is upon us. Are you a bad enough dude to save the [doHTML]<strike>president</strike>[/doHTML] world?

I'm the only mod for now, and due to my timezone I'll be soundly asleep when you are online. So, it might be a little slow in the start before I get other moderators, sorry.

The wait is finally over! [/has a lot of people constantly asking DX]
A great RP site that revolves around Digimon Season 5 (Savers). The site is quite sturdy and we are in need of members. I am not a administrator or moderator, but just a fellow member. Lavender42 is the owner of this site.

The Link:

The Plot

20 years ago, the gateway to the Digital World opened. It started with subtle things--odd cloud formations in the sky, claims of 'monster sightings', nothing too difficult to explain. Perhaps a freak weather phenomena due to global warming or overactive imaginations, for example. But then children across the globe began disappearing at a rapid pace, and the monster sightings became monster attacks. Cities were destroyed, people killed, and the nations of the world prepared for war. The gateways were found and armies began invading the Digital World, and in turn the Digimon began to organize.

It didn't take long for the humans to become overpowered. No matter how hard they tried, the Digimon would just absorb eachother's strength and become stronger. It seemed like the battle was already lost.

Then the children returned, bonded to Digimon by strange devices they called Digivices. They formed a treaty between the two worlds, as Digimon became stronger when with humans, and the humans desired the power the Digimon held. They thought that peace could finally be achieved.

However, some didn't agree. Not every Digimon would find a partner, and thus they believed that this unequal balance of power would cause more wars within the worlds. A powerful Digimon began forming an enormous army to destroy the human world, and another war broke out.

In a final attempt to end the wars, eight human and Digimon partners travelled to the rebels' base, the peak of Spiral Mountain, and fought with their leader. the result of the battle, no one knows, but it resulted in the end of the war. The eight children and their Digimon, as well as the rebel leader, disappeared. Some say they died, others that they're still alive and hiding somewhere in Spiral Mountain.

Many years later, Digimon and humans now live in harmony--or at least that was the plan. tensions are high between the two worlds. Humans that bond with Digimon, called 'Digimon Tamers' or 'chosen children', have become an organized part of the government. Although they are always young when they find their partners, the children are sent to the Digidestined Academy of Digimon Taming (DADT) to learn about Digimon, the Digital World, and how to fight with their partner, so that someday they can be official Digimon Tamers.

Those who choose not to become official tamers, however, are forced to surrender their Digimon partner and Digivice. Some find the work too much to bear, or have other plans in mind for the future. Those children decide to hide their partners and avoid the pressure and work it takes to become a tamer. It's not an easy life, but it's better than being forced out of your home or losing a close friend.

Despite the eight tamers' efforts years ago to end the war, rogue Digimon have begun appearing again, attacking anything that gets in their way. Why is this happening, and who is organizing them? Is the rebel leader still alive, and what of the eight legendary tamers? Tread carefully, for the story is in your hands now, and who knows what lurks in the dark corners of the Digital World...
Makai Empire.

Quote (Makai Empire)

The story so far...

It has been only a few years since the standard balance of the demons' realm was set awry by the assassination of one known as the most powerful overlord in existence; this "Lord of all Overlords," believed invincible, was brought down by another being of even greater power. Supposedly, this assassin has now inherited the title of "Lord of all Overlords" for slaying the former. The big debate, however, is as to just who is currently the supreme overlord. The assailant, who left only a cryptic note signed "Crises," was never identified; suspicions were high and speculations ran wild (generating oodles of cash flow for TV stations netherworld-wide) as to who was now the big cheese.

Time passed, showing no further sign that Crises had any intention of taking the spot. Despite the fact that every oracle and their 10000-year-old grandma continued to claim that a hidden individual in some obscure netherworld was the most truly powerful individual, the assassination and former Lord of All Overlords faded from everyone's mind. What was abundantly apparent was that this was a great opportunity for the growth and expansion of any netherworld that wished to grub itself some land, as the former supreme overlord's land was now largely up for grabs. This land was quickly pawned off to some very influential demons, allowing them to become major contenders in the race to become supreme overlord.

Yet more time passed. Demons across the netherworld were shocked to discover that "Crises" was no more; apparently, there was a new, although still unidentifiable and vague, supreme power. Each recognizing that there were six major powers which had grown at amazing rates and found special footholds in the former supreme overlord's domain, these powers set to fighting amongst themselves to establish dominance. The result was, amazingly, largely a standstill between the powers.

This is where you come in. What better time to get in on the profit yourself then now? Take this opportunity to wipe out your equals and challenge your betters! Grow into a power that can rival the six dominant overlords. If you wish to grab the title of "Lord of All Overlords" and boast your netherworld as the greatest, you've got some catching up to do.

This roleplaying forum, made by our very own AimMan and Heat Sonata, is based on Nippon Ichi's Disgaea and Makai Kingdom. It works with a system based on their old forum, if anyone remembers it, and isn't that hard if you're used to the systems here on RERN. Aim, Heat and me can help you through the process of learning how to get into the RP easily and even on how YOU can create a BAD-ASS OVERLORD.
You do not have to know anything of the game... Look at me, I'm a PS2 retard and have never played this game. But I still got one of the coolest Overlords on the forum there.

Also... Your character can even be a humanoid hippo or a pink pony... How awesome is that? No limits!
I'm fucking joining.
I assume that you're...Shi...something?
Yeah, I was there first.
Then everyone else posted first...D:
Actually, it was shuryou-me-king-tonedeaf-you.

Quote (Shuryou)

But I still got one of the coolest Overlords on the forum there.

Damn straight, yours gets second to mine. >:3
And, uh, yeah. Your overlord and his realm can be anything you'd like it to be.
So, come and join!
Careful, Hiko, your ego is showing. : P

Besides, nothing's more badass than a fully loaded Prin Panzer!©

>: D
I'll join! Oh, wait...Aim and Heat? Nevermind.
Well, that's kinda mean.
It's working, it's working! 14 members and growing!
Of course it's showing, King. It's ALWAYS showing. No one ever notices, though...
This must be an awesome forum now! IT HAS PINK!
Why are you re-advertising? No one else has even posted another link. The focus was still on Makai Empire. Plus, that was a damn double post!
And? ...Fine, I'll stop, I just like advertising...
'tis Wooga's Pirate RP!
For all those that have waited for one, in the masses of Ninja RP's...

not completely set up yet, but looking for some helping hands and/or ideas
Yelo thar! i'll help you out!

Quote (Link2125)

not completely set up yet, but looking for some helping hands and/or ideas

First problem I see is lack of plot (or I just haven't found it. Either or). Second, though this may be opinion, the forum markers are kinda ... large. Another few things, though not in any order...

- Lack of example profiles.
- Lack of battle system.
- Lack of rules for attacks.
- Lack of team rules (ie, starting members, etc).
- Do you really need three announcement areas?

They're just suggestions on where to improve, keep in mind.
It's kind of a work-in-progress, and I'm sorta developing a plot. As for the three announcement areas, I kinda felt that it would be good to have one for Admins, Mods, and Members. That way, if say a mod has an announcement regarding his/her activity on the board, the will be able to let people know and have it the first thing they see when they come on. The markers are currently just there for the time being.
ToNE - Team of Navis Elite

OK! ToNE is getting a whole new change into its RP, and I want YOU to join the fun! Ever since the return of the root admin, Fayt_Drkblade, he started to change the RP from the top to bottom but we don't have too much players to play it TT^TT.

The RP is 80%-ish done so you have to wait up a bit, but until then, try making a navi for your self! I'll tell ya, making a navi feels so rewarding and good XD.


*Grabs the nearest member and starts shoving into the site*

*starts getting shoved in* AHHHHH!!! THE PAIN! IT BURNS!!! *shot* me shall join!
This forum is cool and I found it a few months ago. I think it was glorious at one point, until their testing seasons came and some activity dropped, but the place is still great to me. I'm still RPing there now as my net characters. Cannon characters are usable and the plot is two years into the future of BN as far as I can tell.

Megaman Battle Network V.3