Mei Fuujimoto and Skye.EXE

Hey look, it's a rebirth! This time, I'll be giving Ariel and ZephyrMan the boot, and transferring their stuff to this new pair. Aim is probably crying right now.

FLIMSY RATIONALE: Ariel is the (rich) cousin of the new operator. Giving a relative you're on good terms with some stuff to jump start their NetBattling career isn't exactly the biggest leap of logic. Especially by BN logic standards.

Name: Mei Fuujimoto
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Appearance: Mei stands at 5'8", and weighs 124 lbs.

Perhaps Mei's most immediate feature is right atop her head; her brown hair extends all the way to just below her knees. Atop her head are a pair of goggles, and an earpiece over each ear, which blocks excessively loud noises, and allows her to listen to her Navi and connected people in such noisy environments. Each earpiece contains her and Skye's emblem, a stylized feathered wing.

For body wear, she wears what can only be described as body-long black tights, covering everything but the head and hands. Over it, she wears a dark blue tank top that barely extends past her breasts, and short shorts of the same color. She also wears gray fingerless gloves, and gray boots.

Around Mei's waist is what almost looks like a carpenter's belt, with various pockets and storage areas. This is where she keeps all of her items, including her PET.

Personality: Mei is generally a kind, upbeat individual. Unlike her cousin, her flirtatiousness dial tends to remain turned down below obscene levels. Like her, she can sometimes be a little TOO idealistic, not always finding a realistic solution to mundane problems.

PET Modifications: Mei's PET is black, with dark blue trim. It has a few built-in tools, such as a screwdriver and wrench, that can be activated with a button press.

Name: Skye.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Subtype: Speed (Base Abilities: High Gear/Overclock)
Appearance: Skye's a fairly petite 5'3". From neck to toe, she's fully clad in thin black Navi armor. Over it is a blue tunic, that extends to her thighs, and has slits that rise to her hips for maximum ease of leg movement. She possesses more typical, thick Navi armor, which she wears as a breastplate and shoulder guards, as well as armored fingerless gauntlets. On the breastplate is her emblem, a stylized feathered wing.

Her helmet is mostly a standard blue Navi helmet, though it has wing decorations that extend slightly backward. It also possesses a retractable clear visor, to prevent visibility issues while traveling at high speeds. From its back, extends a long sky blue ponytail that goes down to her ankles.

Her mount is a typical Fishy virus, with reins attached for Skye to hold and give non-verbal directions.

Personality: Skye is a very passionate Navi, seeking to master the nearly lost art of virus riding. This is balanced with a very calm demeanor, seldom getting upset. This said, she has a tendency to blame herself if anything goes wrong, even when it clearly wasn't.

Her mount, Ray, is a virus that has a deep bond with Skye. Unless directed to by her, he wouldn't harm a fly, much less a Navi. He has a great love of going fast, and will get antsy if he doesn't get to cut loose as much as he'd like.

Custom Weapon: A lance with a head of two interlocking wings, that form a point at the tip. Skye is skilled in close range combat with it, and can even throw it as a ranged attack. She can wield it when not riding her mount, but since she's focused entirely on mounted combat, she's less capable in that state.

Also, unlike most Navis, Skye always fights while riding a virus; her beloved Fishy, Ray. In battle, they are inseparable, even by the strongest attacks in Cyberworld, and they even feel each other's pain when one is hit, as though just two parts of one entity.

Signature Attacks:

Heavenly Pierce
- Skye rides Ray at high speeds up to an enemy, and thrusts with her lance as her mount simultaneously rams the foes. The technique is specifically made to shatter armor and other defenses.
- 60 + Break + Impact + Slashing
- Melee type
= 100/100 (3 TCD)

Storm Javelin
- Ray spins in place, generating an air vortex. Skye then absorbs the wind energy in her spear, and throws it at a target. She can reclaim her spear from any location afterward by warping it back to her.
- 60 + Slashing + Wind Type
- Shot type
= 80/100 (2 TCD)

Feather Dance
- Skye rides Ray over to an enemy, zigging and zagging, and lightly pokes them. Afterward, their bodies temporarily feel lighter, making it even easier to evade attacks.
- 20 + Slashing (on enemy) then Haste (on self)
- Melee type
= 60/100 (2 TCD)

Sig Point Tally:
- Heavenly Pierce: 100
- Storm Javelin: 80
- Feather Dance: 60
Total: 240/240

From a young age, Mei Fuujimoto was fascinated by the inner workings of things. She'd take things apart, and put them back together...and surprisingly, had a knack for making sure they still worked properly. As she grew older, this love of tinkering only grew, but soon ran into a problem many people had: in this day and age, pure mechanical talent only went so far. One needed a way to operate technology alongside it to achieve the best results. Wanting to shatter that obstacle into pieces, she read up on programming, and created her own Navi. Since she wasn't going to be a battler, Mei just gave her a regular name: Skye, as an in-joke about her cousin, Ariel, and their last name of Fuujimoto.

Everything was going well, and Mei was accepted into DenTech University. About six months prior to the present, however, her Navi would be forever changed. On a walk near her homepage, Skye noticed a Fishy virus wreaking havoc. Despite its anger, and even going so far as to attack her, she could sense something inside of it. A feeling of loneliness. When it stopped flying around for a moment, she approached it, and started to pet it. While upset at first, the Fishy slowly began to let itself enjoy it. But even with its anger quelled, there was the problem of what to do with it. If she turned it over to the NetPolice, they'd probably delete it. She couldn't exactly keep a virus as a regular pet, either...but in a moment of fate, another Navi arrived on the scene, having watched the entire incident. At first, it just seemed to be an armored Navi with an axe, but with a snap of his fingers, a Lavagon flew over, which he jumped on. At that moment, her path became clear...whatever that Navi was doing with the Lavagon, she wanted to do with her new Fishy friend.

As it turned out, the Navi, named WyvernMan, was a member of a special squad known as the Virus Riders. As their name suggested, they did not simply march into battle, but rode in on viruses they had bonded with, battling with them as though a single entity. But at that point, every other Virus Rider had either retired or been deleted. With Mei's blessing, she began training in their ways, ditching her more standard Navi appearance for something much more befitting of a warrior. She learned to wield a spear, and to do so while riding her Fishy. No, it wasn't just Fishy at this point...she called it Ray, as when it flew forward, it was as though watching a ray of light speed by. Together, under WyvernMan's watchful eye, they learned to fight as one, be harmed as one, and triumph as one.

There was still the problem of the fact that beyond their Virus Rider training, the duo had no combat experience or capability. But a Fuujimoto family get-together would surprisingly solve that. After bumping into Mei and chatting, Ariel decided to give her all of her upgrades. She could probably convince her father to get identical replacements for her, and worst case scenario...she and ZephyrMan could just start anew. Now armed with proper fighting ability, Skye could truly be called a Virus Rider. But that was just the starting point. Now, she and Ray needed to continue to develop their bond, in and out of the heat of battle, as well as aiding her college year 3 operator in her endeavors. It'd be a trial, but one she was eager to face forward, her allies alongside her.

(Also SplashMan is getting benched for Skye deal with it)
Approved. Bye Bye ZephyrMan!