Trevor and LanternMan

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Name: Trevor Treniter
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Trevor has a small frame and is only 5'2", looking as if he is still waiting on a growth spurt. He is rail thin, and only weighs 110 lbs. He has shoulder length black hair that he wears loose, and mostly covers his face with. He has a chalky, almost sickly complexion with dark, sunken bags under his eyes, which is even more pronounced by their vibrant blue color. He normally wears overly loose and baggy clothing, which are also black. He has several facial piercings, most of which he has done himself, including his lower lip, eyebrow, and ears. He also usually paints his fingernails black, or at least colors them in with black marker. Lastly, he has several shallow cuts and scabs along his inner forearms, due to some of his previous cries for attention.

Trevor is a deeply troubled young man. He lives in a state of constant teenage angst and depression. He firmly believes that no one understands him, or is even capable of doing so. Despite coming from a somewhat normal and almost 'wholesome' traditional nuclear family, he feels completely out of sync with the rest of the world. Of course, three months ago none of these things were true, and so his radical and dangerous shift in personality is either the result of a severe trauma, or a fabrication. (hint, it's not the first one) Since deciding on his new outlook on life, he regularly acts out in rather self destructive fashions, including the aforementioned cutting and piercing, but also self pity and rebellious acts.

PET Modifications
Trevor's PET is a rather newer model, and does not have an overabundance of modifications, besides being painted black and having a few band stickers placed on the back.

Name: LanternMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Type: Fire/Bug

LanternMan has a rudimentary skeletal Navi framework, with little to no additional textures or meshes, save for a ragged, dirty cloth that is draped over roughly the top two thirds of his body. His other most defining feature is what appears to be a total lack of a head, face, or other identifiable central processor. Instead, clutched in his hand is a oddly shaped lantern that burns with an eerie light, giving the impression that it is always watching you from any angle. It is from this lantern that LanternMan's soft, reedy voice emanates.

LanternMan is not alive, so clearly he is an expert on not living (i.e. dying.) He believes himself to be part of the transition between life (the real world) and death (the net). He takes this duty very seriously, and attempts to 'burn the impurities of the afterlife' (viruses) away so that eventually he can lead all humans to their peaceful eternity.

Custom Weapons
Lantern of Souls - (Regular Attack is a hit with the lantern [(Attack+Rapid*5) [color=gray]Normal[/color] Damage], Charge Attack is a small ball of fire [(Attack+Charge*20) [color=red]Fire[/color] Damage.]

Signature Attacks
LANTERNMAN.EXE SIGNATURE ATTACK: Soulscorch: LanternMan's flame of life is sustained by the burning of his soul, not oxygen. While this would sound disadvantageous to most, LanternMan can channel this power outwards for brief moments, resulting in an extremely potent weapon. A small burst of soul burning flames engulf a single target, dealing 30 Fire damage to the target and anything unfortunate enough to be positioned close to it. Channeling the power also burns away LanternMan's soul at an increased rate, causing him to lose 15 HP, as well. In addition, he must wait two turns before he is able to channel the power again.
LANTERNMAN.EXE SIGNATURE ATTACK: Pureflame: LanternMan's soul burns so hot that it can cause impurities and negative effects to be incinerated, effectively granting two instances of a Status Cure. LanternMan can direct his soulfire towards an ally, if he wishes. Regardless, he loses 15 HP as part of his soul melts away, and he must wait two turns before he can burn his soul again.

Soulscorch = 30Fire damage (30) + Blast2 (x2) + 15Sacrifice (-20) = 40 (40/80)
Pureflame = Status Cure (30) + Status Cure (30) + 15Sacrifice (-20) = 40 (80/80)

Starting NCP: HP+50
Starting Chips: Cannon, Shotgun, RageClaw1, Heatshot

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