Skinning the Forum!

As much as I'd like to make a Buffalo Bill joke here or some off-color reference, I'll refrain myself.

See, as you may have heard, the forum looks outdated. We're very un-hip, and we'd like to update our look to be "shway". As a result, we're going to go with base Red text and Black backgrounds.

Of course, if you folks have a different opinion, I've been informed that this is a "Democratic Decision". Stupid mob rule.

As a result, you guys can in fact influence this decision away from my impeccable fashion sense and go for some obviously nerdy-bad-style-design.

I get no appreciation.


Anyway. Here's a link to the site where you can make your (bad) choices, and submit them for peer review/voting.


Just post them here, and then there will be a poll later.

PS: Please make choices that support black text by default. -- Pally
Sorted by preference.

Refresh (Top pick.)
Skin Topic: (because I could not find the original topic, here's a dA which is just as good I guess)

Daybreak (Orange and blue, always great antagonists. Looks pretty fun, too.)
Skin Topic:

d-Source (I know it's green text by default but it looks like it could work with black text)
Skin Topic:

Mysterious Orange (Hella Vitamin C, yo.)
Skin Topic:

Heavenly White (WHITE POWER)
Skin Topic:
I spent fifteen minutes looking through skins instead of modding before realizing that it was a waste of time. Out of dozens, I didn't see any that were better than what we have now, and I don't think it needs to change. Personally, if a new member decides they don't like our site because of the background, I wouldn't consider it a loss.

With that in mind, and since we apparently can't have this AND a new skin at the same time, I think we should leave it alone. Not sure if that was going to be an option on the poll, but I like this skin.
It will be an option.
As long as we can keep the current skin and others can have an optional, toggleable skin, then I am ok with whatever. Since I am going to keep this skin.

Although I do like Refresh and Mysterious Orange.

Not yet. -- Pally
I personally like Refresh. It's close enough to the current theme to feel familiar but it has a crisper, fresher look to it.

Not yet. -- Pally
You're supposed to go out and find your own entries, not vote on someone else's suggestions. The voting happens later.
It looks as if people have found more or less all of the most promising propositions, skin-wise. At least, everything that's been found so far is familiar to me from my preliminary search. The Invisionfree skinning scene isn't nearly as popular as it once was, I'm afraid, meaning that most of the options we have are mid-00s as hell.

Also, a reminder that (provided the creator's conditions of use allow for it) we will be subtly altering the colouration of whatever is selected. Primarily the message backgrounds, to make sure that the coloured text that many members use to symbolize spoken lines is still visible.