So through a friend of mine we managed to get a proper 24/7 Terraria server. But since we're starting a new world again, I would like everyone to play new characters again. There are, however, some things that's alright to bring along:
- Vanity Items like goggles/familiar clothes.
- A bed. Some of us intend to build bases on 'weird places', so to get us started nicely just bring along a bed.
- Feel free to bring a pile of money with your character if you want to. We'll just pretend we're rich people stranded in an unknown world.
Aside from these, you'll only have your starting items.

Below is the information required to log in on the server:
Port: 25927
Password: rern

Max amount of players is 8, but I don't think that will be a big issue. And as usual we have the rule that you do not destroy the creations of others or steal others' items from chests.

Welcome to our new world.
It was fun till I logged on with my gold sword and silver/iron armor... And saw the world overrun by hallow. Even underground where I was exploring. Toxic slime killed me in seconds.
Twi currently has my Adamantite Forge and Mythril Anvil (to forge Adamatite and Mythril bars/items) in his base, and I have quite a few Cobalt bars in my base you can use. Any items in my equipment chest are free for the taking, you can even take the gold armor on display if you need it.

Note: Twi's base is on a flying island west of Geki's castle, and my small orbital platform just off to the east of Geki's base, directly above a hellavator/start of Shur's underground highway.
It was fun while it lasted but I'm out. I don't have the hp or gear to fight on hard mode, especially considering I have lag spikes and I've never done it before. It's overwhelming. Everything that spawns can eat me alive, it all spawns like there's a blood moon, and to make things worse those laser-shooting flying jellyfish things.. Gastropods? Keep sniping me to death in the map's dug out 'highway' tunnels. I sprint (with hermes) and I never even see the beasts, I just see laser fire kill me.

I deposited everything I found/earned/made in whoever's small flying castle has the tailor. I would have also emptied out my piggy bank but.. For some reason none of you seem to have one in your house. I don't understand that one at all. :/
I have one in my house. :'D But it's faaaaaaaar away. Also, the highway's rendered unusable by me as well, since I couldn't manage to get to Shur's house from mine yesterday.