Nintendo 3DS

So uh... there's been this announcement or something flying around the internets about the next Nintendo DS upgrade.

It's maybe called the "Nintendo 3Ds" and uh, supposedly....

...Oh wait, actually it's on Nintendo's official site, guess it's not a rumor.


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This console is set to succeed the DS and DSi and includes backwards compatibility for those systems. Nintendo states that the Nintendo 3DS is to be able to display 3D images without the need for the 3D glasses that you see in cinemas for 3D films. Nintendo is set to reveal further details in E3 in June and the handheld is set to be released within the fiscal year starting next week and ending this time next year.

So.... discuss.... I guess.
Kinda cool, if it could work like that.

But, uh, it's getting close to April 1st, so...
Give it a GBA slot too and we can talk.
I'll wait until it can transform into an Asian loli to make out with me.
Bring back the GBA slot!!!!!!!
About a year ago they brought out the DSi, now they're bringing out the DSi XL, and before that even gets released they start talking about the next replacement? While I'm not in terrible financial straights, I don't exactly like the idea of shelling out for a new handheld on an annual basis. Nintendo's had a habit of being kind of a money-whoring sell-out lately and its starting to piss me off...
Hey, look, it's the Virtual Boy 2.0!

I'm honestly surprised to be on-page with Link here, but yeah. Sounds a whole lot like VB, and I'm skeptical as to whether or not it'll fail miserably like it.

On an unrelated note, I hella didn't know that Jack Bros. (VB) was a rare buy. I HELLA HAD THAT GAME WAY BACK WHEN! T_T

Alsosux that it was one of maybe 2 or 3 games that didn't blow donkey dick.
I still have an SP in order to play the older, better games.
I think I still might have Jack Bros laying around somewhere.
I'm mostly worried over issues like if you get dizzy or your eyes start to hurt after playing for X time, which would suck.

Another aspect is that the DS is getting overcrowded with features. If it is gonna be backwards compatible with the DSi, it's gonna need those two cameras, mic and whatnot. If any 3DS games use the camera, the next DS in line will need to have those cameras too to support 3DS games.
Necrobumping for relevance.

...Or, should that have been a new topic? I thought it'd be interesting to hear what was said a year ago.

But yeah. I got one. It's pretty nifty.

*takes pictures of EVERYTHING*