Active Navi/SP Database

NOTICE: List will be of currently active Navis/SPs from the last month period. To help keep the list tidy, shelved or inactives will be removed from the list. Please be sure to notify me of any changes to activity, thread links, element, subtype, and SP.

Status: In progress for: as of the month of February 2011.

Update: In progress.

Network Navigators
[Total: 38]

Null [Total: 10]Aqua [Total: 6]Fire [Total: 8]Wood [Total: 6]Elec [Total: 8]Subtypes

Break : [Total: 4]Bug : [Total: 4]Cursor : [Total: 2]Ground : [Total: 3]Guts : [Total: 3]Melee : [Total: 2]Recovery : [Total: 1]Shadow : [Total: 3]Shield : [Total: 0]

Speed : [Total: 2]Summon : [Total: 2]Sword: [Total: 7]Team : [Total: 0]

Wind : [Total: 3]Variable : [Total: 2]

Support Programs
[Total: 16]

Null [Total: 4]Aqua [Total: 1]Fire [Total: 2]Wood [Total: 0]

Elec [Total: 9]Subtypes

Break : [Total: 1]Bug : [Total: 1]Cursor : [Total: 0]

Ground : [Total: 0]

Guts : [Total: 3]Melee : [Total: 0]

Recovery : [Total: 2]Shadow : [Total: 0]

Shield : [Total: 4]Speed : [Total: 3]Summon : [Total: 0]

Sword: [Total: 0]

Team : [Total: 2]Wind : [Total: 0]

Variable : [Total: 0]

And thus does it begin!
Updated for September 2010.
Updated late for October, including a couple days of November.
Skipped the rest of November due to many changes in shelving.

Updated for the month of December.
Myun is Guts now.

Quote (RevivedSin)

Myun is Guts now.

Just wanted to point out Broadside's SPs are missing.

Ro: Elec/Shield
Nadia: Elec/Team
Rosa: Elec/Recover

Quote (PaladinGC)

Just wanted to point out Broadside's SPs are missing.

Ro: Elec/Shield
Nadia: Elec/Team
Rosa: Elec/Recover

Huh? I thought I got them before... Done.
I apologize for not updating for January. I wish to update for the month of February, but I am finding it hard to figure out which navi is being used for each individual. Here is the list I compiled, please indicate which navi you are currently using if you are listed as more than two (although if you are currently switching between the two so much that it wouldn't make a difference, I guess I could make the indication that they are both active):

Aim: Ante and Exorcist
Asator: Machinae
Azureink: DragonierMan
Bomber: Anyis
Chardes: Rhea
Delta: Delta
Fera: Eternalis and Terra
Goroke: Voulge
Gyromite: Rook
Heat Sonata: Ship
LanceKalvaz: Musou
Leon: Miyu
Link2125: Nitro
Lt. Grim Reaper: KaijuMan and MachMan
Lux: Gale and SummonerMan
MagicCereal: SplashMan/Woman and ZephyrMan
MajinBooger: MajinMan
Morisha: Lucia
Niax: Void
Ozmo: Maribel
P.A. Master: VoltMan
Planeswalking Fieldmedic: Daisy
Pocket: DubloonMan and TennisMan
PsycoStoner: Kyzer
Raigingekiexcel: Holoß
Raikou: Sylk
RevivedSin: RedRidingHood
Risold: Miasmel
Shuryou: Djinni
SoulsQuest: Saluki
Subtle Artist: Author
Syriene: M-Angel.213 and Trent
Virusman: ExploderMan

If there are any other questions and/or corrections, please be sure to post it here. I'll hold this here for a week or so.

EDIT - I have been informed that everyone is capable of running two navis simultaneously. Please inform me of any navis active in the month of February that I have not listed.
Terra's being used by me, Pocket's using TennisMan, Grim's using MachMan, Lux's using SummonerMan, in addition to those you've listed.