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Okay, well it's not a real RERN card game, but at least we've figured out a way to make it so you can play Yugioh with RERN cards. However, that's not what I have for you today! While Shur's making the game you care about, I've made the Makai based one. XD There may be better ways to do this, but here's the one I've found:

Instructions to load Makai set into your YVD:

1) Back up both your ocg_yvd.set and yvd.set files.
2) Download the link at the bottom of this post.
3) Copy the file and name it "yvd.set" so that you have both "yvd.set" with Makai cards in it (the file is under 100 kb).
4) Open YVD in TCG mode.
5) Enjoy the silly fruits of my saturday. :'D

Makai Card Set

Things there need to be more of in the future:
- Things that don't have to do with battling XD
- Monster cards that deal direct damage
- Deck depletion specific stuff

Also, making an error log (all have been fixed):

- Prinny card says "monstee" instead of "monster."
- Bella's effect says that opponent "must" show a magic card when really they "may" show a magic card.
- Fury of the Defeated says "that card" and should instead say "the destroyed card."
- Coalition Bond should be destroyed when one of the monsters it targets is destroyed.
- Fires of Hell should specify that must tribute a monster on your side of the field.
- Contested Netherworld has a space in front of the card name that causes it to show up first on the card list.
- Scan the Competition should say "Return the cards to their original positions when you have finished looking" and "flip face-up" instead of "flip over."
- Trying to check Reward for Ambition crashes YVD due to a mistype in card's format.
- Quasi-Power Belt should say "when the monster equipped with this card battles"
- Wasem should be named Loveless Wasem.
- In Ninja Training's card effect, "combat" should be "battle."
- Nakesha's Wrath should say "on your side of the field" instead of just "on your side."
- Babara's Library now applies to monsters whose original ATK equals their original DEF.
Err...I have no idea how to open it XD or more like, I don't the program that goes with the data.
These should work with Yugioh Virtual Desktop 9.0, as tested by myself.
If you need to open set files for any reason, do so in Notepad.

If you mean you don't have YVD, it's pretty simple to download. Get it here.
I've created about 46 cards and updated the errors mentioned in the error log. The new version will be uploaded some time later today.

EDIT: More like 51.
The new set can be downloaded here, including around 56 new cards and fixes for the mistakes listed in the previous error log. There are 208 cards total, I believe. Remember, backup each of your set files, then rename the "Makai.set" to "yvd.set" after its downloaded.

I've also taken the liberty of making two starter decks for people who don't feel like making their own.

Hideki starter deck
Babara starter deck

Please continue to contribute comments and criticism here if you get the time. I'll also be making my own deck, so let's duel if you ever get the time.

... (I'm also still up for regular dueling).

New Error Log:
- Effect of Combo Attack is unclear (sounds familiar, lol).
- Effect of Natural Order is also unclear.
- Ikuo will be nerfed. Let's leave it at that for now.
- Release the Arbiter's effect should designate face-up monsters.
- Rachel's effect will be nerfed somehow.
- Quasi-Power Belt should only reduce attack until the end of the battle.
- Swords of Light and Darkness should be "Swords of Light and Shadow."
- Original is misspelled in the effect of Babara's Library.
- Impact is named wrong in Jean's card effect.
- Reona's card effect should say at the end: "or during your own next Battle Phase"
- Anna only summons Hideki-bot Tokens during end phase of controller's turn.
- Tense Relations' effect is messed up as to when you can activate it.
- Babara's Library will probably change somehow effect-wise.
wow, there are lots of Yu-gi-oh lovers out here....that is so AWSOME!!!
Hey look, a new Makai set's out! Featuring 69 new cards and fixing the errors mentioned in the previous error report, it's definitely worth a download. Please follow the previously given instructions when setting this set up to load on YVD.


Also, a new Rika themed starter deck to download:


New Error Log:
- Normal Spell Cards cannot be searched in advanced search with the Makai set. I have absolutely no idea as to why. XD
- Impact does not have a helmet, it will be changed to "Impact's Coat."
- Vitalik's card effect is worded incorrectly.
- Power Lent by Crises will probably be modified to include some sort of cost of playing.
- Bella's effect and stats will both be slightly nerfed.
Sorry for another update so soon. I thought of six new cards that I wanted to add to the set while I was out. I just updated the latest link, so download from that.
New set! Includes 105 new cards for a total of 392 and updates to problems mentioned in previous error log.

Download new set

Error Log:
-Normal spell cards can still not be searched.
-Grammar change needed in several cards using dice or a single die.
-Bloody Vulcan should end after the battle phase in which it is used.
Which sets were newly added? I don't feel like going through all of them to check out the new cards.
If you open up the set file, you can just look at which ones are closest to the bottom. Those ones are the newest.

(AVIC and IMFC are new)
Other starter decks for people who don't feel like making their own:

Ikuo Starter

Prinny Starter (this one's less conventional though)
Finally, after a long time of toiling away with the Makai set, I've made some actual progress on the real RERN card game. XD

The current game includes:
- Over 100 navi cards.
- Over 100 spells and traps cumulatively.

No card artworks, still, though.

Anyways, please download the set and construct a deck so we can move to the "play-testing phase" so to speak. Use the same instructions as for the Makai set to load them into YVD.


Recording a new error log:
- A few slight balancing issues with MeleeMan. Will probably nerf card effect slightly.
- Confusing wording in some quick-plays.