The Official Gaming Topic

As the title states, this here will be all about the Multiplayer Games you play and how other people can get a hold of you on them.

We can either have a huge glossary in the first post that gets updated every so often *or* each person can post (once) and stash all their contact info there. It's up to you guys.

Anyways, for me, here's some of the infos for me.

Steam: Valience1739
-CS:S (Not a fan, but I have it anyways)

Xbox360: BlahBlahXD
-Puzzle Fighter
-Castle Crashers
-Halo 2,3
-Rockband 1,2
-Civilization Revolution
-Others I'm surely forgetting

-Luminous Arc 2
-Pokemon Pearl
-Several Harvest Moon games (not sure if any support wifi)

Generic PC Games
-Dawn of War (all expansions~)
-Civilization 3,4
-Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe
-Ragnarok Online (Valkyrie server, Valience - rogue in training)
-Warhammer Online (Badlands Server, Lunchbox Bandits guild, Order)
-Sword of the New World:Granado Espada (I forget which server, one of the Baron PVP enabled ones though ^^) (stupid eon nit picking *mumble*)
-High Street 5
-Audition Online (by Nexon)
-Age of Armor (Maybe... I forget my login atm)
-ACE Online (no characters but it's installed and waiting for people)
-Shattered Galaxies
- Guild Wars: Factions and Nightfall (Tuliwp Darkstryker (RP) or Ulliana Darkstryker (PvP), Dervish)
Gamertag: LeiQuan


Fallout 3
COD series

General PC
Too many signed up for
few played

world of warcraft,
Char name: Lersa
Steam: Raigingekiexcel
* TF2
* L4D

* Pokemon Pearl
* Jump! Ultimate Stars
* Probably another one or two, but can't remember

* SSBB: 442511681464 (will double check and update once home)
Steam: pyn1103 (The one with the Bear Avatar)

YVD: ForteZanzo


Pokemon Diamond
Jump Ultimate Stars

PS3 (PSN is ForteZanzo)

Street Fighter IV (I main Vega(Claw), along with Ken. ;3 Still trying to get a hang of El Fuerte though.)

Super Street Fighter II HD Remix (I main T. Hawk, and of course Ken and Vega(Claw) as usual.)
Steam: Kazuhiro808
DEFCON (if you kids are cool enough to play Defcon)
TF2, but I fail hard at it

Guild Wars: Elma Rurik
DL games on the PC:
Osu!-darkstar1006 *points at sig*
Grand Chase: darkstar1006 (can't make custom names for it unfortunately)
YVD: Darkstar1006
Steam ID: Superstarsage

Wartech Senko No Ronde
Castle Crashers
Naruto Broken Bonds *Not one of my better moments*

*damn people taking my name*