Otakon Cosplay

Anyone who I've talked to about meeting up at Otakon this year probably knows that I'm trying to organize a group cosplay. Since getting all participants together in a chat room at once would be hard, I'm making a topic here. Any people participating bringing a group of friends may express the opinions of their group. I want this decided by the end of the year, so let's get to it. The list is here.

Luminous Arc
Final Fantasy
HItman Reborn
Shaman King
OUren/Naruto combo
blind date

A few of my opinions, to begin. First, Claymore is primarily girls, so it might be a bit hard to do considering it looks like we'll have mostly guys. Luminous Arc, while I like the characters, probably doesn't have enough fanbase around here to succeed. Bleach is overdone, so I'd like to avoid that. DBZ is a classic and has a large cast and Brawl is something popular that probably won't be done there. The one that is most unique, in my mind, is the Ouren/Naruto combo that I'll let Lunar explain. Those are just some of my thoughts. Please share your own, anyone involved in this.
I made a list of the characters you can cosplay as for the anime series. They are listed by gender so you can know that both sides will have a good selection to choose from.

Claymore- Boys: Rigardo, Raki, Isely, Rubel, the two knights from teh church.
Girls: Clare, Pricilla, Helen, Teresa, Deneve, Jene, Miria, ECT

Eyeshield 21- Boys: Sena, Hiruma, Monta, Kurita, Habashira, (the kid), Shin, ECT
Girls: Suzuna, Tsuyumine, Mamori, all managers

Shaman King-Boys:Yoh, Manta, Faust, Lyserg, Horohoro, Ren, Faust, ECT
Girls: Annah, Iorn Maiden, Tamamura, Jun, ECT

Bleach- Boys:Ichigo, Chad, Uryu, ECT
Girls: Orihime, Rukia, Nel, ECT

DBZ- Boys:Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Yungcha, Gohan, ECT
Girls:Chichi, Bulma, Videl, No 18, ECT

Hitman Reborn- Boys: Tsuna, Lambo, Reborn, Ryohei, ECT
Girls: Dokuro, Kyoko, Miura, ECT

For me, I'm thinking shaman king or the ouran/naruto.
I would have to say FF or Reborn for me... Possible the N/O one if I better understand it.
Okay, so I have been teetering on this idea for a while (inspired by a drawing I did and watching anime). I want to do a specific cosplay group of a brand new original cosplay that has to do with Ouran and Naruto.

The Ouran Village Host Ninjas and Konoha High School Host Club!


Jounin vests- light blue, orange swirl replaced with Ouran Crest. A black turtleneck they wear underneath and both orange swirls on the shoulders are replaced with a rose design.

Anbu- anbu face masks are either a Tamaki's bear, Honey's bunny or Nekozawa's cat. Regular attire is used except the attire is of ouran color scheme

Headbands- headbands have the symbol of a heart

Hokage- Honey-Kun's bunny with pink Hokage hat. The symbol for love will be etched in the center

Lee Uniform- Just a light blue jumpsuit with purple leggings


School Uniform- each character has a different color-
-naruto: Orange jacket with black tie
-sakura: red dress
-sauske: dark blue jacket with red tie

Akatsuki- Immediatley reformed to Lobelia attire. Black skirts with red clouds, white top schoolgirl uniform.

Crest- Each crest on the jacket is the konoha leaf.

I believe this is how the characters should go...

Anbu: Hikaru, Kaoru, Takashi

Jounin: Haruhi, Tamaki, Kyouya

Hokage: Honey-Kun's bunny rabbit

Gai Uniform- HoneyKun

Sannin: Renge, Nekozawa

School Boys: Male rookie 9

School Girls: Female Rookie nine

Lobeliea (AKA Akatsuki): All of the Akatsuki or whoever from it.

I'm still in the works of it but I would really like to hear people's opinions of this idea. And if anyone would like to try this cosplay, I would like to know.







*Supports Lunarlion and is up for anything ^^*
I wish I could go to a con... I have all sorts of cool cosplays that I've done... One year a bunch of my friends and I tried to do a FF7 group cos as the Turks, but it sorta fell through.
I'm thinking about going to Otakon this summer and I like the idea... I just need to watch some of the Ouran High School Host Club anime to get aquainted with the caracters. I don't really know who I would cosplay as, since I have really short darkbrown hair and being 6'4"...
I cosplay daily as Satou of Welcome to the NHK.
I can't make that con. Too much money. But my local anime clud is planing on going to Catsucon in DC.
Oh yeah, if any of you are near State College, PA; there is a convention being held there called Setsucon. This is its 2nd time around and is from January 26th-27th (a weekend) Refer to www.setsucon.com for more information. It was a blast last year and will only be better this year!

PS. I am the leader of the security detail there, but don't expect any favors just because I RP with you all.
Meh, I only go to Anime Expo and ComicCon as they are within 2 hours drive from my house.
Cons, huh? I really need to head to Otacon at some point, but I'm already preparing for Amecon in the summer, complete with cosplay. Who exactly? Daimon Masaru, Kimahri Ronso and, wait for it ... Kamina. Yes, from Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann. Any and all advice on being epic is appreciated =p
Getting near the end of the year. However, Lunar said her friends suggested some ideas. I believe they were Yuyu Hakusho and InuYasha. I'll give this a bit more time so that those two choices can be considered as well.
OOOH OOOOH! As for me....as Samurai 7!!!!! (Just whatched 3 DVDs of it and I LUUUUV it!)
Well, I think that's enough time for the late entries. I'm gonna close this now and declare the Ouren/Naruto thing the winner, since that seems to have the most support. Not sure on exact details on this, so I'll leave a list of who gets what part up to Lunar. We can discuss this in the chat or on AIM.

P.S.: Anyone going to Katsucon next month and wanting to meet up, please contact me. Just don't do it here, since I want this thread to be primarily Otakon planning.
Okay, now that Katsucon is over, I'm reviving this thread. When trying to get things around for Katsucon, some difficulties occured. Thus, I think it will be best if we get things planned out as soon as possible. Therefore, there are two issues I need to address.

First, of course, is cosplay. So far I've been assigned something, but I think I'm the only one. I know my friends here in PA are bugging me to find out what they should be, so, if possible, we should try progressing on a list of roles (like the one that was posted earlier) and mark off what's taken by who and what's available.

The other thing we need to figure out is lodgings. I know one person who needs to find a hotel for their group. If anyone else needs a room, it'd probably be a good idea to work together with them (and me, since I'll probably be helping them look). My group might look for some place to stay in Baltimore as well, though there's also a chance that we'll just drive to and from each day, since its about an hour drive. The reason I bring this up is because my friends and I would be willing to either split a/some room(s) with some people, if they were having trouble finding a place to stay. If we find a hotel, then we'll need to know how many rooms to book based on the number of people. If we sleep at home, it'd be a good idea to know how full the place will be. In any case, if you need some place to crash for the weekend, let me know and I'll see what can be arranged. If you know of some place to stay that isn't already booked, still contact me so that I can pass along the word. Since pre-reg is open and all the hotels giving a discount for Otakon are reported to be booked, it'd be ideal to figure all this out as soon as possible. My goal is to have everything planned out within the next month.
If I ever go to one of these, i'd like to be Gutsman.

Quote (Legoroy)

If I ever go to one of these, i'd like to be Gutsman.

With or without the signature ass?

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Quote (Legoroy)

If I ever go to one of these, i'd like to be Gutsman.

With or without the signature ass?

NEW IDEA NEW IDEA as well....Potemayo

HAHAHA! It would be awesome!