Warning Label: Episode Two

Ok so I decided to make this a continuous thing. Once a month I'll post a new warning label with a theme of things that annoy me, I'll discuss about it, and then you all can discuss things you agree, disagree, or have thoughts on, or add onto within the thread.

This Month's Discussion... n00bs and You

There are various kinds of people online, but everyone at one point or another started out as Newbies. We didn't know much on what to do, trying to learn things and what not. There are a few types of the lower classes within the internet... Newbs, Noobs, and n00bs. We'll start with the first one.

Newbs, these are newbies that are generally alright to hang out, they learn what to do and what not to do, and can eventually grow to be quite good people to be around for what ever they are in, whether it be a MMO, a online FPS, or even a forum RP. If taught right they can be a very valuable Ally. Though there are some Newbs that are a little annoying to teach cause they can be slow or they are still learning the basics, these ones you have to be patient with, don't want to get them too overwhelmed so quickly. We can only wish that everyone started out like this and grown.. but as you will see in the next two parts, that isn't the case.

Noobs. These are some of the annoying players out there. They believe they know what they are doing when in fact they aren't. They are a bit of a leech off of everyone and tend to bring everyone down. They blame anyone but themselves for any fault of theirs. Some noobs do learn to be better about themselves, some dont, and others just get worse. This class tends to be headstrong, doesn't listen to advice, and just run in guns a blazin'. But noobs do learn from some of their mistakes. But the way they still act does get annoying. In RPs they may have twinkish behaviors with their characters in the way they roleplay, such as being an attention hogger, god moding, along with other RP don'ts.

N00bs.... now heres a class that I would love to just avoid...yet I still have to put up anyways... These are the ones that call everyone n00bs or noobs without reason in online games. These also like to speak with single letters for whole words like r for are or u for you or l8t for later, heck I've dealt with a few who use 8 for ate. Many common characteristics of n00bs in RPs are those that follow.

1. Unrealistic characters. They are super powered beyond belief and have lived for 25272523423 years.

2. Unoriginal Characters. Naruto or Edward Elric based characters among other characters out there. I've seen a few characters based off of various characters in such detail it looks like a copy paste job with light editing to the name and age of the original character.

3. omgwtfrolfles. Seriously... I can understand a few abriviations for stuff, but such stuff needs to stay in chats and not in RPs. Such abbreviations I can stand are AFK, BRB, and the occasional LOL, but abriviations for something like omgwtfrofles is just wrong...

4. Disregard to the rules. Rules are there for a reason. Many noobs like to attempt to bend the rules to what they want, or just disregard them completely to the point where it causes much trouble, This is generally what causes n00bs to be banned, and in some cases, made the admins more strict on everyone after a invasion of n00bs which causes a few noobs or 'class clowns' to be banned in the process.

5. Name calling.. this is the most common characteristic of n00bs... especially on online games, and majorly if said online game can use a microphone. They will yell into the microphone with a high pitched voice and screw at you for killing them or killing someone that they were 'just about to take out themselves'. they'll use obscenities and such.

6. getting one's goat. This is generally linked with the previous point. They will do their best, if you tick them off, to get your goat and piss you off big time and then continue to do so till they cant get at you anymore. heck they might not even need a reason to start doing so, as it has been documented in many cases.

7. Spamming. n00bs like to go as fast as they can. If no one replies to their thread after one minute they'll bump it or go "well?" and continue to do so for a hour strait before loosing interest. Also another type of spam is that of if they get banned, they may very well go to another site and rant on it on how such and such site sucks, generally throwing in that such site approves of anal sexual acts of children of the age of 5 or younger.

8. Idle threats. If they don't get their way they will begin to make threats of what would happen if they don't get their way. The most common threat is "You do it or I will get my friend to hack your site and delete everything" which generally is a 99% chance of being a lie. Even hackers have standards to not deal with these n00bs.

So all in all... n00bs really piss me off to the point I believe we should put shock collars on them which go off when ever they go anywhere near the internet. They are generally a nuisance to all and the only way for them to change their ways would be a very drastic measure.

n00bs are a growing problem, and the best we can do is educate newbies of the do's and don'ts before they go down the path of n00bs.

So please... Don't feed the n00bs... thats all I'm asking...

And this concludes this episode of Warning Label
I don't fall into these categories, right?
If you need to ask, then generally no. A real "n00b" is typically very egotistical and wouldn't second-guess himself or herself.

And I don't entirely agree with unrealistic characters. Granted, there are the type you're probably thinking of that try to make a godly player character that couldn't possibly lose, but as an NPC or a boss, I've seen some fantastic use of an unrealistic chracter.
I can't wait for Episode 3!

The portal gun'll make it oh so epic.

Heh. I remember being a noob. I once threatened Demon the first time I was banned.

Boy, that was embarrising.

But, hey! Thanks to Twi and all, i'm now a sensible citizen with a productive career.

*Blatently advertises to join the Twicepticons*
*Continues remote-controlling Leg-

Er... I mean...

Do your best, Legoroy!


Oh yay...

I've just become a non-n00b.

Quote (commondragon)

Oh yay...

I've just become a non-n00b.

no, you see...

because you say your not a noob, it makes you a noob...

Quote (Niax)

Quote (commondragon)

Oh yay...

I've just become a non-n00b.

no, you see...

because you say your not a noob, it makes you a noob...

It's kinda like playing The Game, where if you remember The Game, you lose.

Aw, FUCK! I just lost The Game! Dammit, I'm taking YOU guys with me!
Warning Label Episode Three.
Shuryou and you.
probably close...

more like girls and the internet, how there is more than tits or GTFO

@Nalerenn- Goddamn you. I lost the game.

@ Topic in General- I probably fall into one of those catagories, but I don't care.

Oh yeah, where was the first Warning Label?

Quote (bluebasium911)

Oh yeah, where was the first Warning Label?

On the bottom of the box, reading 'Keep upright at all times'.
Don't worry. Niax, you're more of a newb than a noob. You just need more experience. As for myself, I've been around for about a year and a half, and I've learned the way of the internets pretty well.

But I still remember when I was a newb. I look back on those posts and shudder. XD
and heres an example of someone calling another person a noob http://www.audio-surf.com/forum/index.php/...28.html#msg9328 just cause they use a keyboard instead of a mouse to play a game

lets see... next warning label topic... i'll have to think on it, so many to choose from, i'll probably pick something that really annoys me