Chars Won and Plasma EXE


Name: Chars Won
Weight:140 pounds(skinny)
Look: Chars has short brown spiked up hair,Taned skin tone,Blue eyes,A plain green T-shirt,Blue shorts,White socks and green shoes.
Personality: Chars always has a smile on his face and enjoys the occasional joke,But when it comes to battling he has a burning fire of passion to win. Chars ha a strong bond with his friends and is always keen to make new ones. As for his Bon with plasma they are good friends but will have an argument on occasion.
PET: Chars' pet is purple with a red trim.


Name: Plasma EXE
Weight:110 pounds
Type: Elec
Secondary: Melee
Look: Plasma's suit is fully purple with three red stripes going from his right shoulder to the left side of his waist,his helmet is not open at the bottom but has four slits in the lower sides round the mouth and nose area for breathing and his helmet.His visor is shaped in an eye like a special features on lower body.

Personality:Plasma likes to Roam about and discover things but when it comes to battling he will try to take on anything and most likely succeed. Plasma loves mucking around with other navis and will do anything to jack in and play around. Plasma and chars get along quite well,but chars does get mad when plasma mucks around during battle.

Weapon:Plasma has a spear instead of a traditional blaster.His spear has a blade shaped like a spade(card)with a sharp tip for gliding through enimies with ease.

Sig:Plasma spear (30dmg life drain+2 turn cool down) (60 points total)
Just a few things, please use a minimum of three sentences for your NetOp's appearance and personality, same for your Navi's personality. Also, you don't need to make a separate thread for your signature attack, please put here. I would also run a spelling/grammar check on your post, there's quite a few errors.

Choose one of the following chips, and one of the following NCPs
Fire: HeatShot, FireHit1
Aqua: Bubbler, AquaNeedle1
Wood: CactBall1, RollingLog1
Elec: ZapRing1, MaruBlaster1
Null: ShockWave, MiniBomb, AirShot1, Vulcan1
Support: Recover30, Barrier, Guard1, PanelGrab

HP+50, Shield, SetSand, SetLava, SetIce, SetSea, SetGrass, SetMetal, SetSolar, SetGlass, or ResetStage

Finally, you didn't have any sort of damage numbers in your signature attack. From the way you described your signature attack, it sounds like a damage + healing or Life Drain effect. To make your sig legal, it would most likely look like this:
*signature attack name here*: (30dmg Life Drain + 2 turn cool down) (60points total)
Ok thanks. Do you have any advice.
Yes, my advice is to make the aforementioned changes/selections and edit your first post. Once that's done, you'll be able to have your team approved.
Sorry about the outburst lurch. I have anger issues.
Um lurch could you give me and idea or two.that would be extremely helpful. Thanks.
Be aware further "outbursts" will likely result in warnings or worse. As for your registration:

After looking further into your NetOp and Navi's height/weight, they seem... off. Chars would only be ~60lbs for his height, which is borderline skeletal. Take a look at these two charts to help pick out a compatible height and weight for your characters.

For your NetOp's personality, how does he interact with other people? Does he want to be social with others and make friends, if so, how? How does he treat Plasma? Is he emotional or hot-headed?

For Plasma's personality, you can answer the above questions as well. Does Plasma prefer up close fighting, or engaging targets from a distance? When busting with allies, what sort of role does he usually take in the team?
Lurch I don't understand these charts.
To read the charts, NN, take a look along the bottom line first; that's your height. Now follow the line up from that height, to the different colours.

Now, looking on the side, you see weights. What the different colours are basically saying is what weight is healthy or unhealthy for your height. So, as an example, take the 5'6" line, and follow it up. If you look at where the 5'6" line goes through the 'healthy' green stripe, then look left at where the numbers are, you'll see that anywhere between 130 and 150 pounds is a healthy weight for a 5'6" person. If it helps, use your finger to follow the lines to the numbers.

The other chart, with all the height in meters and the weight in kilograms, is just the same thing but in metric; you don't need to worry about that one. Hope this helps.
Lurch it is done. Take a look please

GET CHIP: Shotgun, Cannon, RageClaw1, ZapRing1
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: Undershirt, Shield

Post your profiles in the NetOp and NetNavi databases, then read the posting and battling rules if you haven't done so already. After that, feel free to make a Real World thread to jack your Navi in. Have fun.
Thanks lurch. Hey lurch would you like to join me with sage and luxray? You don't have to if you don't want to