Show Thine Pets

Yeah, we need to give the furry critters some love too. Got pets? Got pictures of these pets? POST 'EM!

The entirely black one, or floating eyeballs whatever you feel like describing her, is called Katja. We've got a brand of licquorice here that's called 'Katja Dropjes' and because she's so black we decided to call her Katja.
The black with white one is called, of course, Felix like the brand of catfood 'Felix'.
I would post, but I need to pry them off my dad's compy.
I'll just list them and you can imagine them, like an RP...

1. Harry. Long-haired, black cat. Looks ugly underneath the fur, but is cute as hell with the fur. Huge-ass pupils for a cat. Almost no cornia.
2. Yoda. Short-haired, calico cat. Very fat. Ugly as a kitten, hence 'yoda'. Psychotic, she runs at the slightest amounts of noise, or otherwise sleeps, eats, and up-chucks all day.
3. (deceased) Godzilla. Smallish gecko. He died of a parasite one or two years ago. Buried him in backyard.
4. (deceased) RV (recreational vehicle). Large horse, brown hair. Died four years ago.
5. (deceased) Jade. Smaller horse, brown hair. Died three years ago.
6. (to-be-sold) Toby. Large horse, brown hair. Is going to be sold soon. D:

That's what I have...>_>
We had 4 hamsters!

...they died.

But we also had 3 rabbits!

...oh right, they also died.

Hah! 3 guinei(sp?) pigs!

...there's only 1 left.
Man... I swear, it's like I live in a freakin' zoo. 8 Cats. 2 Dogs. Too many animals. Uhh, let's see... Posted this in the random image thread some time ago.

This is Buffy. Named due to her fluffiness and the fact that we didn't want to have a cat named Fluffy. Seriously. Also, this cat is extremely affectionate, earning her the admiration of all cat lovers who visit and earning her the nickname of Buffles and any other such thing... She drools when she's happy...

Well, things get a little crazy with all the animals sometimes, but it's usually not too bad.
I too don't have pictures of them on my compy. Though I'm good at describing.

Description: Very heavy, yet a sort of a medium build. He is mostly black with white on his underbelly and covering his paws. His neck is also white and for some reason one of the sides of his nose is white while the other is black. He has green eyes and looks very majestic most of the time. His tail is large, yet not very fluffy.

Description:Very small looking, I found her outside during hurricane Katrina and thus, she was named. She is a gray cat that you might mistake as a very very large rat. She is alive and very active and likes to roll in the dirt. She will allow anyone to pet/scratch her and she is mostly found sleeping in obscure places. (In my dresser, a box, many bags and etc.)

Blackie = Medium sized, pitch black cat fur. Green eyes. Likes to attack me, with the common element of surprise. D:<

Duke = Small, white, male rabbit, with dark gray ears, nose, and feet. Enjoys running around the house at the speed of sound.

Scooter (deceased) = Gray-white, female gerbil, with red eyes. (NOT ALBINO) Died of natural causes after 3 years, after her sister.

Woody (deceased) = Black, female Gerbil, with black eyes. Sister of Scooter. Tail shorter than normal due to running wheel accident. Died of natural causes after three years, while I was a camp. D,:

Lady (in shelter) = A female dog, with really long legs, a slender body, and a short tail. A boxer, bulldog and bull-terrier mix. Brown, white, and gray coloring, all blended in. Floppy ears. Incredibly neurotic; attacked visitors. Taken back to shelter after less than a year due to crazy behavior.

Quote (ZeroSaber)

Died of natural causes after three years, while I was a camp. D,:

I remember that...We were all in the same car. After the restaurant. You were sad all the way home. D:
Alright, I'm gonna list the cats that I've actually seen in order of when we got 'em, then the ones Mom had as a kid and showed me pictures of.

Jasmine: Slightly overweight, but very affectionate. She also meows a lot and loves conversations (aka, she meows, you meow back, she'll meow again, you meow again) She's a purebred Bengal, which means she's greyish with a bit of brown, a spotted belly, and big feet. She's 3 years old. Oh, and she kills an average of two things a day, usually things like crows and blue jays, with rats a couple times a month. She can also kill hummingbirds very easily. Yeah, she's a killer.

Tiger: (deceased) Half Abyssinian, half Bengal. He basically looked like your average Bengal, except with bigger ears, smaller feet, more brown in his fur, and two big ovalish spots up high on his chest that look like a pair of eyes. He was really cool around dogs and pretty much anything else. He's the only cat our other cat, Jamaica, never fought with. He didn't kill much, but when he did, he brought in some pretty amazing stuff, like for example an adult raven (do you have any idea how huge those guys are up close), a juvenile red-tailed hawk, and a baby great blue heron. He died of a heart diesease. Rest in peace.

Jamaica: Though we got her before Tiger, she outlived him and is still alive. She's purebred Abyssinian, though very skinny and very light. Her eyes are such a bright green they actually kinda glow in the dark. Her fur is short and soft as velvet, and is very dense. She's 10 and a half years old in human years, which means she's older than my sister. Scary, huh? She's very shy and very quiet, and has this little corner that's under the CD-player and record player that she loves to sit in. (yes, we have a record player)

Inez: (deceased) We got her as a kitten once we moved out of our apartment and into an actual house, which was maybe a month or two after I was born, and we became instant buddies. Her name is also my first word, or at least what it sounded like, which is why we named her Inez. Either way, she was almost the same as Jamaica in every way, except she was a LOT more cuddly and affectionate. Didn't say much, though. Either way, she died when she and I were 4 years old.

Mom's previous pets were all Abyssinians, and their names were Stella and Stanley, who were brother and sister, and Buddy, who was just there.

Yeah, our family loves Abyssinians, and to a lesser degree, Bengals.
My one and only pet. My parents say we may get another one, but they arent fooling anyone.


Sorry my camera takes huuuge ass photos.

She can see you, but you can't see her!


Trying to get peanut butter off her face...

Name- Winston [Stony]
Breed-Chocolate Lab
Weight- 70lbs
In one 10 minute period, stony has consumed 2 apple pies, half a lasagna dish, part of a carpet, and a huge chunk of cheese.
-Sleeping-Anytime, and everywhere. Often accompinied by dream twitching, adn tons of snoring.
Personality-She's very very very friendly and affectionate, almost to the point where you may get licked to death. She makes a crappy guard dog, but my older brother still makes studded collars for her at his camp's arts and crafts.
Overall- She's cute, and adorable, and we love her all to death. My mother often mentions that she's her favorite child.
Interesting fact- she walks with a waddle, even tough she was on a diet...

That's my pet Cthulu-- an unflinchingly masculine pet for an unflinchingly masculine fellow. He's a cuddly critter, but cleaning up after him sometimes gets irritating-- especially after fetch.

I recently discovered he actually has his own cult. Don't know what's up with that, to be honest.

That's my other pet; his name is Gregory Peck. I don't let him sleep on my bed, but he means all business.

At least he doesn't bite.
i have rats, lots of them, also a snake, and a dog, though we are trying to get rid of our dog, and we had lizards, bearded dragons.
Jamaica's probably gonna die soon. She hasn't eaten anything in the last two days and spends most of the day sitting in her corner shaking. Her eyes are really dull and the vet says that she has about a 25% chance of surviving. If it's the other 75%, she has about a week or two to live.

Anyways here is a large list u dont probably wan to read thru, So i will list the live pets first, then the run-aways, then the dead.


Skeeter (Didnt name)- Black cat, kinda getting chubby. Also lazy and hates other cats. She likes to play fetch with little hair ties. She also bites ppl to say she likes them >_>'.

Luie - Orange kitten with stubby tail. Plays, and doesnt meow much, He likes to watch TV with me (ok not to watch it, although Im trying to change that) Annoys Skeeter muchly.

Rumor (didnt name)- Parrot, Yellow naped amazon to be exact. Shes loud and is my summertime alarm clock. Srs, this bird will screech and complain during the day if I sleep too long. Favorite words are Hello, what cha doin?, and u-up.

Squeaker (didnt name)- Outside, gray cat. Really wants back inside. Is very nice and squeaks sometimes when she meows.

Angel (didnt name)- Outside, white fluffy cat. 1 blue and 1 green eye. Just waits on the porch fo food. Almost became an inside lap-cat.

Blacky cat (BC for short, I didnt name) - Black wild outside cat. Comes to our pourch for food. Had a spot on one of his legs when I left, probably from other wild cats. Very skiddish.


Sydney (spelling? not named)- Parrot, lives with Ex-Step father. Glad too, she has a horrible scream. Likes to guard her portion of the coutch in his living room (or did, i havnt been there in a year or 2)

Sunshine - Suspected he was out running around and another family picked him up, He was yellow and had a bob-tail (much stubby not just stubby, a nub not a stub as I always said). Was very hard to pick up when he was outside, which was what he lived for...Bolting out the door and fight me as I was forced to pick him up. Terrorized other cats.

La fym (spelling? :P) - Found her one day. She stay with us awhile. After my Ex-step dad got heart surgery she slept with me and mom a while. Then she lived outside the house (by then, sunshine's terrorizing and her already scred-ness left her looking pretty bad). One day she was just gone. She was a nice kitty

MR Mcbeevee (spelling? Also I didnt name the bird) - Cockatiel. Me Ex-step dad had like...5, so I got 1. Currently lives with a realtive. Seems to forgotten who I was.

Little black kitten: Wild cat. Was very little, and had problems the night we had him. Was also very demanding. I couldnt take care of him and was getting too paranoid about squishing him to sleep, so we took him back. 2 weeks later we get Luie.

Dead (screw it, I'll just say when I did name):

Blue (named) - Mah good old dog. Got took out and shot for almost biting my face off one day (was laying upsideown, forcing him to do what he didnt want to do, which was stay wit me, I was little.)

Copper - Pedo Dog. Got took out and shot for getting mean cuz he could be a pedo like he wanted to. Had a burning desire to tear the SHIT outta Blue dog.

Rollo (not even mine O.o) - Like I said, not even mine. Was the neighbor's dog. had a nub-tail. Really liked Blue. Was also the toughest dog in the neighborhood. She knew how to knock on a door. She really liked me and would come to the house just to hang, and protect me from the other dogs outside (even if they were behind a fence, in fact one person was getting upset about that). Got shot by an Ex-friend for chasing his cats.

Surge - Mom's old cat. Died one day. It was very sad. I was like...3.

Tiny - know the dog had to be dead. Dont remember anything. From when I was REALLY little.

Lovy and Olive (I was little, yes I did name) - Parakeets, Cage got knocked over during a "bird-outside time" thing 2 days after I got them and they flew away. Those things HAVE to have died a long time ago.

Zig - Fish, Oscar to be exact. Had a (Sibiling?) named Zag. Just died one day.

Zag - A oscar fish. Died one day jumping OUT OF THE TANK. Liked to chew on fingers :3

Beta (I named) - MY old beta fish. was all blue (hard to find I think). would of had 2 for fights but the other died. Shared a tank with guppies (I dont remember the spelling for that either >.<). Died one day.

Random fish (never named) - Was bought with Beta, but died that day cuz mom put its container in the sun and it cooked.