Ready? Fight!

We all think we're badass. We all taunt and goad each other in the chatroom, and sometimes we even try to intimidate each other with threats of violence. The lovely and beautiful English Ninja is famous for killing people in the chatroom. Invariably this leads to arguments as to who's really more badass in real life.

Think you've got what it takes to take us all on? Prove it! What do you have on your side? Guns? Swords? Kickboxing skills?

Let's hear it, wannabe tough-guys!
...I have fourteen years of Tae Kwon Do, three years of Boxing, and a collector's edition Kadaj's Katana.


I'm not saying anything. Not a little thing.
I can kill a man in more than 30 ways... little less if its a woman... 15 of which are deadly.
Oh come on. You guys have to make us BELIEVE it. I'll be honest, I'm no kung fu master.

Things I have to my name:
A year of judo
CO2 guns
A fake katana. It's interesting to consider how effective it would be for beating someone senseless.
Five years of karate, a long long time ago
Five years of fencing, and a bagful of swords to prove it
Okay, so I exaggerated Tae Kwon Do. I only have seven years, lol. But everything else is true.
I got a hard head, which is useful when your up close and personal. Holding onto them, so that you can bash their face in with your forehead.

I can take alot without going down, so I got you on endurance.

I have so many dirty skills to use, that you won't see what hit you. My speed plus my moves.

I have access to many of random tools to use as weapons. Hammers, crowbars, drills, screwdrivers, knifes, large blocks of wood, and bricks. Use any of those compared to your weapons. Their just as good.

I'm street, you guys are fancy. Street can do better if they know what their doing.
I'm a Super Saiyan. : D
Meh, first and foremost, I believe I have a size advantage on most of you. 6'2" and topping 3 bills. I took karate for a few years when I was younger and more recently I've been into boxing, about 2 years now. Let's see, I've developed my own little fighting style to incorporate what I know, a style tested quite often in frequent "play fights" with my uncle. My uncle, by the way, is a hardened criminal who has almost killed several people in "fist fights". As for an arsenal, I have several swords and knives, all sharp or at least pointy. Not to mention an assortment of power tools and what not. Assorted pellet/bb guns, and easy access to a few real guns if the situation calls for it...Though I would need about an hours notice as they are not in my house...Various probation rules and what not. You understand. Meh, I guess that it about it.
I use the Fist of Laser Eye Beams, a style I perfected while quelling a massive rebellion of robot-

Ah, skip it. I have no skills.

I am about as tall as Zan reportedly is, though, and I have a really nasty-looking jacket none of you would want to touch most likely. >:3 PERFECT DEFENSE
Alright, I'll be honest.

I've been brawling as long as I can remember. Not martial arts or anything, but... you know, plain, simple, ordinary, hand to hand (chair leg to head) fights. In some anime, members of a family have to fight when they meet, to prove their strength etc.... We actually do this for fun. Family conversation with someone I didn't meet for about 5 years:
Him: "Hey nice to see ya, how ya been?"
Me: "Same old, same old"

Him: "Wanna fight?"
Me: "Do I!"


And I'm not making this shit up! It happened exactly like this. Our family reunions (Xmas) are similar to a crazy WWE show.

In school (kindergarden) I provoked fights. Heck, I've helped others organize gang like groups, in order to get bullied by them, so I can fight back. I never pulled the first punch though.

Add that to my few years of Capoeira, some TKD and a little wrestling, combined with a mad love for swords, or anything pointy in general (and Jackie Chan movies).

Yep, thats me.
I use to fight in grade school, I think it may have just been 5th grade. Pretty sure it was before that also.
Heh, I know how that is. In junior high, my friends and I made boffers, pvc pipe wrapped in foam all duct tapped together, and he's beat the ever living crap out of each other. In high school, I moved up to backyard wrestling crap. I remember one time, in a three man death match sorta thing, all three of us had each other in a submission hold. One guy had me in a leg hold while I had another guy in a sleeper and that guy was doing a variation of the camel's clutch to the guy who had me in a leg hold. It was insane.


[stalks off, blathering about past times]
I've allways thought wrestling was never able to hold up to Brawling or Boxing. For one, it's mainly a series of grapples and drop kicks. If a brawler went up against a wrestler in the streets. The Brawler would win, for one he would keep hitting while the wrestler would just hold him closely. Thats just my opinion though, you guys could probably prove me wrong, but thats just what I say. Wrestlers wouldn't be able to handle a brawler.
Style doesn't matter much. It really comes down to skill. A skilled wrestler would be able to place the brawler in a submission hold, denying him the ability to strike back. It's hard to fight back when you are lying on your face with your legs being bent back to your ears.
Not trying to sound like I'm proving you wrong Zan, I'm just saying this. A skilled brawler would probably also be able to push his arms up, so that he can slip his head under, and kinda somersault. Actually, that sounds like it would break him out, but then it would probably put his head to close to the wrestler's crotch.
As I said, it comes down to skill, not style.
You are right Zan, that is why I said I wasn't trying to prove your wrong. It was just my opinion in the end, mostly because I based it on the speed of a brawler being faster then a Wrestler. Mainly because I didn't think a weak fast wrestler would be able to hold a fighter.
A wrestle doesn't need to hold him down... by the time that happens, he could've disjointed his arm twice.

My bro is a wrestler (not pro wrestler, mind you... while I know that it is very hard to be a good "pro" wrestler, that is more show than fighting), and the thing is that they also learn the "illegal" stuff, which they do when the referee isn't watching. Getting held down by a good wrestler hurts like mad, and it is impossible to escape. I'd say that I'd put my money on the wrestler instead of a brawler in this scenario.

However, as Kazu said, much more depends on skill than style.