Knight's post about her garden reminded me of my own garden.

So, if you have one, describe it. How much time to you devote to keeping it alive? What do you have growing in it?

I have a garden with two kinds of things in it: various types of sage, and gnomes. I have about 20 gnomes scattered around my garden. Mom hates them, but she doesn't know that I'm using them to keep her and everyone else except me out of my garden.

I love sage because A: My common sage and a few others are used to make the best seasonings in meat, and sage is best freshly picked. B: Sage plants are very compatible with each other, so there's no competition to survive in my garden.

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Knight's post about her garden reminded me of my own garden.

And I don't care about gardens. Burn it all. Squat it under rocks.
The world is my garden.



But yeah, no garden pour moi. Down here in Calgary, none of us are inclined to garden. Up in Edmonton, my mom and my sister are so inclined, but we live in an apartment with no soil to speak of so it basically amounts to some potted plants on a balcony.

I don't like gardens unless you can eat them. =P

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Knight's post about his/her garden reminded me of my own garden.

In the "Ready? Fight!" topic. Knight copies Zasalamel's kata whenever he (or she, I dunno genders) gardens with a scythe, apparantly.

My garden's edible. Except for the gnomes, of course.
"What?" indeed...

Anyway, I take care of both of the gardens here and my grandmothers.... they are quite big, and mostly resemble the untamed wilderness of rain forests. Only the strong survives!

Actually, I try to grow every spice available. Hungary has a very warm (and dry... I have to water the damn plants today...) summer, so most mediterran plants feel good. Basil, oregano, ruccola, some chili peppers, the usual stuff. Also some legumes, carrots, lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, eggplants, cucumber, zappalo ... pretty much everything.
When I was little, my dad had this rather large-ish garden. It had raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, snow-peas, cucumbers, plums, cherries, rhubarb, carrots, and he tried out a whole bunch of other things one year. But, some sort of insect came through one year, and killed most of it, so he tore it all out and now there is a HUGE flower garden around half of the house. We still have two cherry trees, though, he couldn't bear to tear it all out.
Dog stomps through garden in backyard on regular basis, and bites heads off flowers.

I never even bothered to start trying.
What I found amusing was that this topic was directly above the toughness thread, the last post of which was Phoenix's.
I have two flower pots lying around my apartment, if you can call that a garden.