Some in-depth stuff

Do you believe in reincarnation, Christianity, Boedism, or something else? Anyway, this is the topic to discuss that in.

Warning: This topic is not meant to say to other people that their believe is 'wrong'or something else. However, you can discuess different religions and their aspects here, and your likes and dislikes.
Most people already know that I'm an atheist. Note that anyone who says that they are an atheist that easily is probably making a point, and you can therefore assume that they have strong opinions.
Some already know I'm a spirit-filled Christian, and others don't.
I feel strongly about it, though often times I screw up and end up making an idiot of myself.

I wonder if there are any Scientologists that come here... hmm....
I'm split between Christianity and sciency...stuff. Not sure what to believe anymore.
yeah, most of you probably know that I'm an Atheist. And that I love to discus stuff ^^
I'm Muslim... The set of beliefs is almost identical to that of Christianity, except for the lack of a Trinity, and instruction not to eat pork. It actually states in the Qu'ran that Muslims, Christians, and Jews worship the same god. Now, if only the extremists would pay attention to that, so they'd stop killing people...

And before someone drudges this up, the Qu'ran does not allow the mistreatment of women. That's a horrible misinterpretation.
King's 100% right.

I am an Episcopalian Christian, although I'm not that strict about my religion.
Darwinist, although that's more of just a belief than a religion. No way am I worshipping some hairy old researcher. <__<
Agnostic. Booya mother f-**Bleep**-ers. Er... :ph43r:
Just wondering, are there no Theists here?
Hardcore Agnostic here.
Reform Jew!
Although my dad and I beleive in reincarnation and heaven, and you can choose when you die...just a cool prospect. My last name should give away my heritage: Ben-Menachem. (Son of Menachem in Hebrew)