So I was at a friend's place last night and we were once again entertaining the idea of opening a website called "OffYourFacebook", a mockery of the famous site for posting all the stupid things you've said or done while being under the influence of that magic we like to call "alcohol". And with that...

*grabs a beer*

*smashes it on this post*


And before anybody says it, yes, I know the domain's already taken.
All I have done 'under the magic' is throw up.
All I have done "under the magic" was flirt with an Irish waitress. I'm a party animal. <.<
Never went 'under the magic' before. Also never drank. Oh, and I also do not have a Facebook. :'D
Under the magic? That's how it's called? Well, I wasn't entirely drunk but I had drunk quite a bit when I lost my virginity. Does that count? : D
No, but it would answer some questions.

I don't drink simply because I've seen what it does to people. Namely my friends. Boy could I tell you some stories....