New Op and navi

Appearance:He wears a large black coat with many pockets, white pants with zippers on the sides that nearly reach the ground, a green shirt that is a little tight on him, black shoes and a small birth stone ring with a ruby in the middle and a pair of glasses with a silver frame, green eyes and black hair. he's about 5'9 and is about 170 pounds.
Personality:nice, careing, he pays attention to the most miniscule details in the things he carries around and is kind of a maniac with battle chips and won't let them go easly, he is a cat person, likes to play around like his navi but likes to read quietly when no one is around to interupt him.
PET Modifications:a silver trim around the outer rim with a gold coloring and has a LCD screen along with a tracking device just in case his navi runs off.


Element: normal
Type: sword
Appearance: she has white fur on her upper and lower body that does not cover her head with black stripes on her back, large white ears with a little black on the tips of her ears and she has a human-like shape with a little brown hair on the top of her head and she has paws where her hands and feet are along with a long snow white tail.
Personality:she is a playful navi that has a taste for cyber fish, kind, careing but....has a little glitch in her programing that makes her quite the killing machine that makes her more like a lion in some aspects and of course she's afraid of dogs, cyoties and wolf's.
Custom Weapon:she has a pair of long claws on her paws
normal attack:nikko jumps at the enemy and makes a small cut in their body.
charged attack:Nikko jumps at the enemy with glowing claws and makes a large, deep cut into their body. (does not do anything else but damage)
Signature Attack: cat attack:Nikko pounces on the enemy with a quickness that matches a cheeta and this deals 40 damage with a chance to stun but all the rest of the remaining actions are dodges because she needs to jump back from the enemy and get some distance to avoid a counter attack. (40, chance to stun, rest of the actions are dodges, 5 turn cooldown)

RP reason to keep some things:this is the freind that Jay mentioned that helped him with Ona's personality, Jay had to go to cyber city because someone E-mailed him that he needed to go down there becuse they catched the person that killed his parents and they needed him to testify against the criminal, so Jay wanted timmy to keep his battlechips and upgrades because he knew that he wouldn't need them in cyber city. Timmy lost most of the things Jay had given him but he was able to find one of Jay's boomerangs and the speed upgrade he had been to him.
ok i'm done, i think that the RP reason qualifies me to keep some of the upgrades but if not.....oh well.
Read that announcement a little more carefully, darkstar.

You get TWO of the things in announcement, not four.

You need to decribe the difference between a regular attack and a charge attack.

Timmy needs more description for Apperance and Personality.
So you want the Speed and Boomerang? Okay.

You still need to decribe what nikko does for a regular attack and a charged attack.
whoops, sorry SBS, edited.
ummm.....sorry about this but.....does this mean i'm approved?
Yeah, I'll pass you quick.

GET: Newbie Chip Pack: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw x1
GET: Newbie NaviCust Pack: Undershirt, Attack +1, Rapid +1, Charge +1

Approved. Post where needed.