Will You...?

Since it's near Halloween, I've developed this game and it is called "Will You...?" It's because of this, that we will leave each other "Wills" in our absence, or death, if one should be abducted in the month and day of Halloween night, or we just choke or become poisonsed by bad candy. We'd love to hear and send each other wills.

First poster Posts their "Will..." and then the next poster leaves a will for the next one above and below. Just really a bunch of random posts of what you're leaving and recieving, for an example:
^ "To [Name Here]...I leave my cat FuuFu..."


V "To the poster below...I leave my last pair of clean boxers"

That's pretty much the gist of it. So let's begin!:

^ - To the poster above...I leave everything, because no one is up there so I know it's all safe!


V - I leave some sticky stuff I found under my computer chair this morning! XD
"To you I leave an unside-down mop, to clean teh computer chair with"


V "To the poster below...I leave my Corn altar, worship in peace :3"
To you, I bequeath ... a boot to the head.


To the next poster, I leave not a boot to the head, but a rabid Tasmanian devil to be placed in your trousers.
I leave a pigion to poo in your shoes.

to the poster below....i leave you a nuke in your pants.
^ "To Darkstar...I leave my Tamagachi..."


V "To the poster below...I leave my bra"
to zolem, I leave my jar of collected souls,(they probably won't let me keep them).

to the next guy, I leave you my demonic mission to destroy an item in the catacombs of the Vatican, you'll know when I die.
To Niax, I give Vactrox.

To the poster below, I leave you with reality.