Natural modesty is basically shyness. Are you born with it?
Or does society dictate that you're modest, and not forward?
As in, you'll cover your 'parts' as opposed to walking around naked. In some parts of the world this is accepted, but here it isn't.

SO. Society, or natural? (Think of Adam and Eve.)

I think no, our society's retarded. >>
Sure. Go ahead.
Wait, what'd you answer? XD
*takes pants off*
While it is mainly society, some people are natrually modest and some aren't. Some societys dont influence this and you will still see 2 types. Therefore, I voted kinda
: o
*pictures Shur naked*
*gouges eyes out*
I voted, "god damn it stop asking these questions", but I would of answered simmarly to common...
Like, Hinata?
Yeah. Shyness, basically.
Twi, did you change the answers back yet?
This is the SPAM can, I personally think he has a right to post as many topic about queations as he wants.

If you could make a single poll then keep changing it daily (dunno if thats possible, never tried) I'd advise doing that.
He has every right to post philosophy, you don't have to read it. It's like freedom of speach. You have the choice to say whatever you want, and I have the cchoice to compleatly ignore it. That dosn't give me the right to mess with a persons ideas or disrespect tham. That's just low and unmoral, the mark of dicatators and the small minded.
I think you're misinterpereting me.

I was refering to the changing of the possible answer choices, not talking to you personally.

Quote (Sharmandra)

I think you're misinterpereting me.

I was refering to the changing of the possible answer choices, not talking to you personally.

Oh no! NOT YOU! I was yelling at Twi. I've lost all respect for him for messing with the poll.
Oh okay, cool.
Alright, alright. Sheesh. Blame a guy for having a little fun at Hiko's expense, why don'tcha. Hiko! Tell me if I got the order wrong and I'll fix it; I think this is the order they were in though.

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alright, alright. It was a slightly weird question. XD
I'll think of a better one later...
But please, don't do it again. ;_;
Thanks Shar and Zolem for the support tho'.
I like clothes.
They're fun to wear.
[/typical girl answer]

I'm not modest, I'm self conscious.
There's a difference.
There is no such thing as natural modesty, it is a standard proposed and enforced by society. Many tribal societies in AFrica don't even have that standard. However, society integrates a standard so fully into a persons mind that it compleatly changes their way of viewing the world, so it would be impossible and impractical to try to remove the standard now. Also, it's too cold most of the year were I live to do that.
Where's DAT?