Best Writers!

Hello there! I'm Miranda. I was in the chat when the subject of talented writers came up. I want to be a writer myself, so the prospect of other skilled individuals gets me a bit excited. I have listed here a few of the names and I want to know what you people think. Are there any other good writers that I should talk with? Just how skilled are these folks? Thanks in advance for any help!
...Nobody ever likes Twi's writing skills... ;~;

That said, I don't know if I really compare to Skyrender. ^^;

Skyrender is god. Nuff said.
I vote for you.
I vouch for you.
I would quote from you, but it would be a three-page long post.
Skyrender may be better at RPing, but Tom is, in my opinion, a bit of a better story writer.
Voting for myself is like masturbation, therefore I shall vote for myself. Nya nya nya. Purupuru.
Into my sig it goes.
sky=god of the RP
Overall, not just RP.
I'm afraid that Skyrender has me beat. My posts tend to be decent and long, whereas Sky's posts are full of epic win. It's quantity vs. quality, I'm afraid. I'm not modest enough to say I'm bad, in fact I think rather highly of my abilities to write, but I really do think that Skyrender has me beat, as of now. In the future? Well, I'm hoping to keep improving, heh.

EDIT: I'm surprised that I'm not seeing some other names up there though. Several other writers on this board that I have a deal of respect for are EN, who I worked with recently, Demonstar, who I've only had the pleasure of reading his work a few times, and Leon/Valience, who I've probably only seen posts of a few times but they were memorable enough to stay with me a bit.

As for Twi, well damn it man, I can't even remember the last time I saw you post... Outside of modship that is. The event you ran wasn't bad, but the logics of it made me want to beat my head into a wall...
I'm not on the list? D':

Bah, I can't vote for this! There are too many different elements that people have as writers that set them apart from the others. Some may have outrageous quality in mind-boggling quantity (and I reinforce that 'quantity'), yes, but others have good grips on the comedy aspect, or are naturally gifted with dramatic tension.

[nods discreetly toward Sky]

Quote (Tom)

As for Twi, well damn it man, I can't even remember the last time I saw you post... Outside of modship that is. The event you ran wasn't bad, but the logics of it made me want to beat my head into a wall...

*Points at his 'Ira' fanfic in the 'Fanfiction and Fanart' section* It's a poll for best WRITERS, not best RPERS. Even though sometimes that can be the same thing. Either way.

EN speaks the truth! Best in what aspect? Roleplaying? Heck even that has many inlieing characteristics? Story development? Action Scenes? Humor? Plus theres the fact that its those FIVE, sure there "Godly" but what makes them so!? Huh? huh? huhuhuhuhuhhuh!?
Wait...Why am I not even mentioned once? *Grabs pruning shears* Time to pluck a few irritating weeds from my Ego Garden. Oh Skyyyyyyyyyyyy, Toooooooooooooom!
Be a man, Zan. Just because I've time and again proven to be the manliest writer in the history of the universe ever, doesn't mean I need external gratification to power my testosterone fueled ego drive.

In seriousness, the names in the little poll are simply indicative of the names dropped in the chat when Rae was inquiring about decent writers. You're automatically fabulous to some extent due to Z-force membership.
It's obviously me. Who doesn't like my wonderful writing for the Spam Can?

Y'know, I had just been thinking about that Zan, only a little differently... I thought you were already the last name on the list! I was going to come in tonight and rave about how Zal deserves to be up there, what with him being really the only guy on the site with a distinctive, and powerful, style.

But since Zan isn't up there... RABBLRABBLRABBLERABBLE! Tom demands a place for his rival! Rivalry creates power! ROAR!

Ahem, but really this is kind of a weird thing to talk about. I can easily say who the best of the best is (unfortunately! Grah! Back to work Tom!), but ranking the top list is a lot harder, as we've got a whole lot of talent on this site. PAMaster, MajinBooger, Kazuhiro and Eon are all definitely skilled artists, but there's been no mention of them yet either. Unfortunately, the list really is too damn long to get everyone, heh. I'm sure I'm missing someone even now...
Then perhaps we should...Create a compliment thread? Specifically for listing our members and saying what we like about their writing/rp style/drawing/whatever?
Well, we already had a "Flame Everyone" section, why not the opposite?