The Pokemon Naming Center

As this doesn't fit in the other topics, I've created my own. Now, some of you PokeFreaks have toyed with the idea of naming all of your Pokemon after certain members of the board. Why not expand this to all members? As such...I believe that we should make all have fun and assign either each other as members or our Navi to a particular Pokemon. Get to suggesting!
I would be Dusknoir. :3
Twi = Mismagius. You know it to be true.

Shuryou equals to... Uhm... Eh... I don't know.
Phoenix = Moltres or Ho-oh. Or any firey bird, for that matter.
Xatu or Gulpin.
I'd have to say either Raichu, or PorygonZ.
Gallade, hands down.
ZS = Either Banette, or Sandslash.
hiko = Croconaw. OLD SCHOOL, BITCH!
Mr. Mime. Most definently.

Seriously, though, it would probably be Kabutops.
I would probably be Magmar/Magmortar

or Infernape

As CPU_Ninja, I would be one of the Porygons.
jsk = Lucario

Yeah. I've decided on Raichu.
Or maybe I should be Rotom...
Link2125 = Charmander2125



I know, horrible sprite job. I just felt it would help get the point across.
Maarten = Persian.
Shuryou = Hypno.
Area = Blaziken.
Divinity = Togekiss.

What are your reasons to pick specific Pokemon? I'll tell my reasons if I get some answers.
I....don't know what Pokemon I would be. I need to look...Yes...
I would also be a Lucario.
And... apparently Shuilong would turn out to be a Gyarados or a Garchomp O_O
Red is like... Jigglypuff all the friggin' way.... No wait... scratch that, BELLOSOM!
Shin... If I know him as well as I do, he would probably become some Bakouzoku Blaziken.
Also Pianissimo would be Sneasel/Weavile

Dark(ish) and use cutting moves

Hothead is Magmar/Magmortar or Infernape because their heads are on fire

CPU_Ninja is one of the Porygons for obvious reasons.
Empoleon, apparently.

Because it's kingly.

I wouldn't mind a poltergeist-style dealie to reflect my Okage fandom, either.