Snack Machine Game, N.E.W edition!

Know the rules, good for you. Don't know, I'll try to explain them.

Okay, the rules are sort of similar to the Corrupted Wish game. First, one person will insert something or do something, like "I insert a piece of monkey doodle," or "I pull a Night Fever in front of the machine," Then, another person will say what the machine does, like "An angry monkey shakes his fist at you from inside the machine," or "You get a rubber squeaky toy," or anything to your imagination.


User A: I insert a knife.

User B: You get a ninja. I insert an afro wig.

User C: You get Miror. B from Pokemon Colloseum and XD. I insert a blah.


Get the idea? Good, well, I'll start.

I insert a KATAMARI!!!
You get a rice ball. It's tasty, but it doesn't serve quite the same purpose.

I insert C'thulu.
Tentacles come out. Yay for Octopi
I insert a SSBM disc.
Two white gloves come out and firmly lock themselves over your hands.

I insert darkstar's RPing skills.
You get nothing.

I insert mad libs.
You get a _____(Noun)

I insert Voltman.
You get a Thunder Cats

I Insert the Clones of Mr. Smith
you get the martix

I instert some Burna boyz
The machine sprays fire in your face, have a nice day!

I insert an emo with knives. <_<
You get a McDonalds Burger.

I insert Yugi Motou.

*burst of light*

You get Yami Yugi.

I insert Simon Muran.
You get me. Buy me something.

I insert seventeen voting ballots.
A mechanical voice says "Simon says: touch your toes."

I insert the King of all Cosmos.
you get bush

I insert savage king
You get the King of all Cosmos.

I insert Django, the Solar Boy.
You get Bontai, The sun is in your hand.

So I Insert Cardboard Box with Solid Snake in it.
You get a CRAB BATTLE!

I put in a giant enemy crab.
you get a fish

I put in said fish
You get a punch in the face for taking my fish. D:

I put in a hard day's work.
You get a decrease in pay.

I put in a BANANA.