Exuturnalu Hardet Duriveo

Yeah, I just got a 250gb External Hard Drive. I am a happy man. 8D

This random gloating brought to you by:

    [li]My Ego.
    [li]My External Hard drive.
    [li]The family comp's (Not my comp!) bootleg copy of Windows.
    [li]My cousin, who got a cut on his finger trying to install the Internal 350gb Hard Drive that we got before we gave up and got this numerous times.
    [li]*Insert deity here*
    [li]Said cousin's annoying whistling.
  • -Twi
... I don't really mind.
That thing's fucking bigger than my PC's hard driver.

Perhaps that is because it is about 5 years old.

Grrrrr....I still envy you.
My buddy has two 500GB harddrives Or was it a 500, and two 250s? Either way, that adds up to a TERABYTE of jawesome.

For me, the pinnacle of technology I aspire to at the moment is an Intel-based Mac.

You know, so I can get one of those programs that lets you run Windows, and finally play RO.

But yeah, cool. Now you can store all kinds of things.



A live cat.

The possibilities are endless! (lie)
I understand about everything up to...

"Yeah, I just got a"

After that, I'm kinda lost. Computer stuff is gibberish to me.
I know what kind of computer I got...

a SHINEY one...