Lawrence Castell and Gait.EXE

Name: Lawrence Castell
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Appearance: Lawrence is a slim, dark skinned male with jet black hair spiked at the front. He wears a torn thick navy blue jacket and long blue jeans that bunch up at the bottom, underneath the jacket is a black T-shirt with his insignia on it, which is colored bright grey and has the image of crossed paintbrushes in front of an empty ring. His shoes are white and grey, and he carries a black and beige shoulder bag left open to reveal a sketchbook and assorted papers visibly sticking out of the top.

Personality: Lawrence is very stoic and has a perpetually melancholy look on his face. however, is polite and willing to socialize and interact with others. He generally does so to promote his business as a graphic designer and gain client trust. Lawrence is not too competitive as a net battler unless something higher is at stake, typically the safety of his navi. He isn't one to try and pick fights as he prefers to leave a good impression of himself towards others. When not passing off business cards and advertising himself, he often travels far from civilization.

PET Modifications: Lawrence has a decrepit looking Plug in PET with a Black coloration. There are marks and scratches all over it , and a slight crack on the corner of the device. Wedged inside the spot on the device that the jack in cable normally went was an odd device that looked like an unofficially made infrared port for jacking in, the add on being attached with duct tape.

Name: Gait.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Wood
Subtype: Cursor
Appearance: Gait is a small and predominately dark green navi with a ninja esque design decorated with leaves. His footwear is a lighter green from the rest of his body and reaches up to the middle of his legs with the toe and Heel areas of the shoes tipped brown. The lower half of his face and neck are concealed by a dark green cover that connects to the rest of the body, and 2 brass rings are on each side of his head. On his head is a large leaf adorn head plate. His ensemble has leaf like patterns and shapes. Bushels of leaves are on the top of his wrists, each one contains a retractable leaf like katars. His insignia is located on his chest, featuring crossed brushes behind an empty ring.

Personality: Gait is stoic and focused much like his operator, but he has shown himself to be mildly rude towards other Navis. He acts this way out of fustration from frequently being forced to cooperate with them in virus busting, as he prefers working alone so no one would get in his way. He get's rather competitive towards other wood Navis, as he thinks he is the best when it comes to wood Navis. Gait tolerates his role as a sub illustrator and working assistant for his operator and seldom complains about anything. However, he actively enjoys net battling.

Gait's biggest motive is to show the true potency of the wood element, which he thinks is the most neglected element in the cyberworld.

Custom Weapon: Leaf Cutter: Sharp Circular leaves that are thrown like shurikens , they are as big as Gait's hand.

~~Signature Attacks~~

Leaf Blade: Gait retracts two large blade shaped leaves from his wrists, slashing twice in close quarters.

[(30 Wood) x 2, Slashing]; Melee attack (2: CD)

~~Starting NCP~~
Undershirt, Set Grass

~~Starting Chip~~
Good start, but just a couple things:
- Might want to add some more to Lawrence's personality. I noticed you mentioning his business, what is it? Something you could add.

- You start out with 60 signature attack points. As of right now, your Leaf Blade sig takes up all 60 points. (30dmg x2 Slashing) = (30pts x2) = 60
Leaf Twister costs double your alloted pool of points (10dmg x10 + Movement) = (10pts x10 + 20pts) = 120pts.
I'd start out with removing Leaf Twister, and waiting until you have enough sig points to make it (you can purchase more in the Navi Shop).

- Cooldowns are 1 Turn Cool Down (TCD) per 40 sig points. So a 60 point sig would have 2TCD, and a 120 point sig would have 3TCD

- Please pick a starting NCP: HP+50, Shield, Set Sand, Set Lava, Set Ice, Set Sea, Set Grass, Set Solar, Set Glass, or ResetStage

-Also, please pick one of the following chips:
Fire: HeatShot, FireHit1
Aqua: Bubbler, AquaNeedle1
Wood: CactBall1, RollingLog1
Elec: ZapRing1, Marublaster1
Null: ShockWave, Minibomb, AirShot1, Vulcan1
Support: Recov30, Barrier, Guard1, PanelGrab
Final Changes have all been made and I am ready for approval.
Approved. Please post your Operator profile here, and your Navi ptofile here.

Put a signature together, and you're all ready to start posting. Have fun.
[Pats Pally]

GET: Undershirt NCP, Set Grass NCP
GET: Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw, Cactball1
GET: MiniEnergy x2
GET: Pally-brand Approval (Not actually an item, unfortunately) (It was too OP)