Here is where you can make Navi versions of characters from video games, anime, or pretty much anything else. In other words, here is an opportunity to post those ungodly blatant ripoff characters you've had bouncing around your head without getting a swift kick in the arse from a mod. You can also make ripoff viruses. Just use the standard forms for navi or virus registration, alright?

I'll begin with something you all saw coming.

Name: "Dark Hero" Akutare
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Type: None

Appearance: Akutare appears to be in his early twenties, although this has no bearing on his actual number of years upon this mortal coil. His hair is an incandescent shade of yellow-green, impeccably cut and styled into three broad points at the back of his head, while his hair falls naturally around his forehead and pointed ears. Where his bangs are cut into wide triangles, his hair has been dyed to bear the insignia of two stylized bolts of purple lightning above his brows. Around his neck, a golden medallion proudly emblazoned with the letter "A" hints at his vanity. His torso is bare save for a flowing white sleeved cape, with an impossibly high collar and very large tails that almost touch the ground. The sleeves are decorated with bands of heavy chains at the wrist, and the inside of the cape is lined with a deep purple fabric. Purple boot-cut jeans and a pair of oddly plain shoes (also purple) complete this man's wardrobe. He is often seen carrying his electric guitar, a white and purple thing with a distinctive shape that reminds one of his cape. He isn't half bad with it, either. He is prone to producing it from within his cape, although it is hard to imagine how it is stored. Some speculate that the guitar is summoned by magic, and he only reaches into his cape as an affectation.

Personality: Akutare is vain beyond belief. Wherever he goes, he tries to make as much of a show of it as possible. At one time, he was the face of a multi-million dollar ISP and multimedia corporation striving to cultivate a younger image for itself. However, Akutare's fame went to his head and he was discharged from his job as a mascot shortly before the release of his own clothing line. Following that event, his status as a Net celebrity went into a steep plummet. Now he dwells in near obscurity, but he is unable to let go of his memories of fame and his ambitions to rise to the top once more. He is constantly trying to devise a major comeback, but so far nothing has come to him. He can be very abrasive to those he meets, addressing them as celebrity to slavering fan rather than navi to navi. With women, he tends to greatly overstep his boundaries in an attempt to impress the new object of his affections... More often than not, he jus makes a fool of himself. However, he is not a bad person; If he can manage to stop acting like a self-centered diva, he can actually be quite kind and caring. Now, if only he would let go of the past and let the "genuine" Akutare shine through...

Custom Weapon: Akutare prefers fighting with his bare fists, although he can also use his guitar for more showy attacks.

Signature Attacks:
(1.0) Shocking Soul - Akutare leaps into the air, guitar in hand. After two or three surprisingly adept aerial maneuvers, he brings it crashing down on the ground... However, instead of smashing, the guitar releases a halo of crackling electricity. 20 elec damage+stun, up to four targets. 4TCD.
(2.0) My Heart Shakes - Akutare performs a series of showy acrobatic maneuvers around the foe as he produces his guitar out from behind his cape. He leaps into the air and is inexplicably suspended while he plays a few quick riffs on the guitar, ending in a downward slide. Once he finishes this small performance, he replaces the guitar in his cape and dives down to meet his foe face-to-face, delivering an oddly weak punch... However, that minor blow is soon followed by a bolt of pure energy from the sky. 75 nonelemental damage to one target, 5TCD.
Name: Master Cheif.exe
Gender: Male
Element: none
Type: Cursor

Appearance: Clad in a dark, camon green armor, with a black jumpsuit underneath. Several wires run inbetween the armor, and ar right on the suit. Usually carries an assault rifle on his back, for fighting. He wears a green helmet, with a yellow mask. About 7 feet tall.

Personality: Almost none. He shows nearly no emotion of kindness or anything, but can occasionally give a kind, reassuring pat on the back if someones feeling worried. Other than that, he;s as hard as a rock, and is really serious about things. He's what a perfect warrior should act like.

Custom Weapon: MC uses his assault rifle for most of his attacks

Signature Attacks:
(1.0) Rocket Launcher - MC pulls out a large rocket launcher, which shoots 2 rockets at one or two enemys. Taking an action to lock on doubles the chance for each of them to hit. (two 50 dmg rockets, non-elemental)

(2.0) Plasma Grenade - MC pulls out a plasma grenade and chucks it at an enemy. If it hits a virus, it sticks for one turn, allowing it to possibly move in range to hurt another virus in the splash. (100 dmg, splash)
Name: SpongeBob.EXE
Gender: Undefined
Element: Aqua
Type: Idiot

Appearance: SpongeBob is a yellow cubic Navi, bigger in height than width, with various holes in his body. The upper half of the cube has two eyes, which are covered by goggles, a slightly long nose and a big ass happy smile. The lower half is covered by a black bodysuit with a bubble in the center as emblem. He has two arms that randomly come out of a hole of his body, which he can also move around, and two legs beneath himself.

Personality: Annoying. Laughs constantly. Laughs some more. Always tries to help. Loves to cook. Moronic.

Custom Weapon: A gun that shoots bubbles.

Signature Attacks:

LVL1 - Krusty Krab. A large crab like virus falls on target enemy, then crawls away. 60 Aqua damage. 3 TCD.

LVL2 - Ancient Art of Bubble Blowing. After making some idiotic movements, SpongeBob.EXE blows a ginormous looking bubble that floats towards his enemy. Eventually... It explodes. 90 Aqua damage to target enemy and 30 Aqua damage to enemies close to the 'explosion'.

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Name: Drizzt.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Sword

Appearance: Drizzt.exe appears as a dark skinned, white haired HeelNavi with odd lavender colored eyes. His clothes are dark, blacks and grays, to better blend in with his home of the UnderNet.

Personality: Despite growing up in the harsh UnderNet in the myriad of politics and intrigue of the MenzoSquare and their constant gang wars, Drizzt.exe is not your ordinary HeelNavi. He knows honor and aspires to a higher calling. Now free of his dark homeland, his sensors fail in the glory of the Net of above, and Drizzt.exe finds himself happy. However, as a HeelNavi, Drizzt.exe will forever be persecuted, no matter his good intentions and good deeds. But the good HeelNavi struggles on to fight the good fight, whether or not he is embraced by society, in the knowledge that he fights for the greater good of all the decent Navi of the OverNet.

Custom Weapon: Dual Scimitars

Signature Attacks:

Level 1 - The Hunter. After years of isolation proceeding his flight from MenzoSquare and surviving in the harsh UnderNet, Drizzt.exe has learned to isolate his emotions from his mind and enter a state of perfect focus. He gains an additional +10 damage with all sword attacks and increased evasion for the next two turns. This ability takes no actions to activate. 3 turn cooldown.

Level 2 - The Guardian. Drizzt.exe always carries with him an obsidian data chip. If placed on the ground, Drizzt.exe can summon his faithful companion Guenhwyvar to his side from the strange and unknown place where all unused data lies. The black panther creature attacks with a terrible ferocity and protects it's master with the truest of loyalty. Guenhwyvar must return to it's home after 3 turns or after it is sufficiently injured. Guenhwyvar has 200 health and acts twice a turn, able to either strike for 35 damage or distract an enemy from attacking Drizzt.exe. Signature move only usable once per thread. And yes, it is a summon, because he's freakin' Drizzt Do'Urden.
The father of Drizzl'? Third member of the Dark Warriors? I say!

Rape! Pillage! Loot! Floss!
Name: Nightmare.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Break

Hp: 1500

Appearance: A navi wearing azure armor. His right hand is deformed into a giant, mutated RageClaw, in his left he is always holding the demonic Soul Edge.

Nightmare was a warrior Navi who one day encountered a dreaded HeelNavi. Defeating him in battle, he earned the legendary dark sword chip, the Soul Edge. However, instead of destroying it, he decided to use its power for himself. The corrupted sword warped his body and soul, taking control over the Navi. Deluded by the promise of power to achieve his dream, he was transformed into a merciless killing machine, with the sole purpose of draining others data.

Weapons: Soul Edge/Hand to hand


Attack with Soul Edge: deals 200 dmg, 1 action.
Attack with claw: Same as using RageClaw. However, his claw is bigger and stronger, capable of holding down a navi, rendering him unable to move.


Soul Edge: drains 50 hp from Nightmare for every action, but all damage that Nightmare deals, heals him for the same amount (reduced by 50% because of his subtype).
Azure Armor: All attacks (except piercing) deal 50 less damage against Nightmare (as if he had a permanent barrier).

Signature attacks:

Lvl1: Soul Charge: takes 2 actions to activate, all attacks that turn deal double dmg, and they get knockdown(stun) property. No cooldown.
Lvl1: Soul Wave: Deals 20 dmg, and knocks down enemies around him (stun) + deflects one attack. 3 turn cooldown.
Lvl2: Soul Steal: Pierces the chest of the enemy navi, and drains a large amount of data. Deals 100 damage and activates Soul Charge. Very bad accuracy, but it is guaranteed to hit on knocked down enemies. 3 turn cooldown.
Lvl2: Rook Splitter: Evades an attack and deals 300 dmg. Knocks down, if used after soul charge it gets break property. 4 turn cooldown.
Lvl3: Grim Strife: Nightmare kicks his enemy up in the air then sends him flying far-far away with a dropkick. This means that the enemy is removed from the battle, but he isn't defeated. He can reenter the battle a few turns later. 6 turn cooldown.
Lvl4: Night Terror: ???
Lvl5: Nightmare Eternal: ???
Um...300 damage on a lvl2 with only a 4-turn cooldown? You sure about that?

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Um...300 damage on a lvl2 with only a 4-turn cooldown? You sure about that?

Considering that
a.) this is only for fun
b.) his normal deals 200

that doesn't seem much : D