What Game?

Alright, this was a ol' game topic over in ToN...Which is dead. The game is very simple. You have to say hints and others to guess what game it is...I'll give you a simple example:

-This is one of the longest running fighting game
-This features character and moves even non-gamers would know

Answer: Street Fighter

The answer can be non-specific, unless the one who is has the answer decides to be an *** >_>;;. The member who got the answer gets to continue the game. (Remember, the person who got the answer, NOT EVERYONE!!)

If the game gets to hard, the member has to give more hints little by little (Try not to make it vague like: "IT HAD THREE GIRLS!!"). And if no one gets it in two full days, it goes to the person who guessed first.


((PS: You can do animes if you want. But first say it's an anime or a game))
-This game was made the Squaresoft, Not Square Enix
-The beginning of the game allows you to pick from either a axe/sword wielding boy or chakram wielding magician girl
-Platform: Playstation
ummm.....i don't know.....crap.....and i just had a guess.
Wait... You used this game over on ToN. I guess I'll let someone else answer. <__<
Threads of Fate AkA Dewprism.
DAMN IT!! thats the game i was thinking of.....or atleast close to what i was thinking of.......
Shuryou's turn~!!
ba-damn. I though it would be FF. Oh well.
Wait, what are you guessing for...? Shur hasn't made a riddle yet.
Here it is.

1. "Draw, pilgrim."
2. You have to ride on a horse in some stages.
3. The main characters are seen riding off into a sunset on the main screen.


PS. I will react only when I hear the correct answer or when the two days are over.
I don't know......Wild Arms 3?
Gunner's Heaven?
I'm only guessing here...
Sunset Riders?
Zanallen got it. X3
OIC. >=o
Well, Zan knew what he was talking about. XD
I used to play that game at the movie theater I worked at.

1. The main characters have no actual names
2. Father = Sword
3. A kingdom of fungus folk
I'll just guess... Secret of Mana for the SNES?
Yay! Shury's turn.
Let's not make this repeated turns, shall we? Here's a fairly odd one...

- Most enemies are penguins.
- Some characters you can pick from when starting the game: A flying angelic pig, a bunny girl riding a rocket, a spaceship, a flying octopus.
- This game is sexy and features mild erotic stages.

Hehehe. I hope the one who guesses this correctly has also played this game once in his life.
XD I know, but I shall not answer.