The Mall

Okay, we all know what goes on. This is a fake place for the netops to meet. Just like 'The bar where everyone meets' I thought we could use another. So lets set the ground rules for teh newbs.

You play as your netop in this.

Everything in here will not affect your battling or the friends you make.

Its just for fun! So have fun!
Oi, ther's OOC RP CHARA CHAT for ya
((*ahem* No, the OOC chat is where everyone acts like an idiot and kills each other. This is serious.))

Wes stands in the bookstore, reading manga. Normally his navi would bug him about being such a nerd, but he seems busy reading other literature, mostly featuring bikinis. Wes begins making a stack, picking out this month's purchases.
((Or with Soulman and Ayumi))

Rigel walks into the bookstore with the intent of looking for a certain John Ringo book, when he passes another person making a stack of manga and the like, before tripping and accidently kicking him in the leg.

"Sorry, sir," he says, getting up and dusting himself off. "You're not hurt, are you?"
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Shin hummed to himself as he skipped, yes skipped across the mall, holding a bag of groceries, well mostly snacks. Heck, he was already stuffing his mouth full of onigiri.
"Don't eat too fast." Shuilong scolded him.
"Imph naht eetihng fahst!" Shin retorted before he stopped in front of the directory and swallowed his food down. "Hmmm... Where should we head next?"
"Let's see." Shuilong started pulling out a list and examining it. "There's that book you wanted to buy."
"Oh yeah! First Person Plural!" Shin exclaimed.
"Isn't that supposed to be about someone with 23 different personalities?" shuilong remarked.
"Yeah, I heard it was pretty good." Shin replied as he skipped towards the bookstore, however...
Josh walkes up, and peers into the windows of all the fancy shops. And even the non-fancy ones. "Maaan.... I what I wouldn't give to have a bit o' cash in my pocket..." he said, staring at all the cool stuff. "Sometimes, being homeless sucks. A lot."
"Aw, cheer up!" Cyclone said. "We don't need that stuff!" Josh smiled, but still continued gawking at the items. He stops, and goes into a book store. "I've always liked books..." Josh said, looking at the fiction and manga.
Aida begins slowly down to a shop with dresses in teh window. She looked at them for quite some time then gave out a sigh.

"We-wedding gowns look so nice." She said. "But I dont think Im ready to go th-through with it."

"Then just dont." Capuchin cheeped.

"You dont get it." Aida moaned as she sat on a bench beside it, "My family r-really wants me to get married."

"Well....." Capuchin thought for a moment, "Maybe this guy isnt so bad. Maybe he's really nice!"

Aida nodded and stood up. "I-Im still unsure...."

Ok, well there was no however.
"BOOKSTOR TIME!" Shin yelled out happily as he marched towards the bookstore in a robot-like fashion, not before bumping into some other girl slightly older than him, and falling face-f;at on the floor.
"Oof... I think I broke something." Shin commented, luckily, all his pre-purchased products landed perfectly on the floor with no damage.
Silas walked down the halls, looking into the windows, often disgusted with the contents of the window.

"Absolutely shameless!" he complained, looking at the window of a swimwear shop, which featured a bunch of colorful string bikinis. "In my day, this would've been considered illegal! What is it with these young people these days?" Grumbling, he went off to another store: a bookstore. "Ahh, now this is more like it! Well, off to find the Poe, I guess." And off he went, into the back of the store, where there were shelves upon shelves of dusty yet handsome leatherbound books of many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore.

Meanwhile, Raven had gotten out of the PET, and was having fun by haunting the swimwear shops. Suddenly, several teenage girls ran out in string bikinis, screaming their silly heads off and causing several major nosebleeds from all guys in the vincinity. Raven flew back to the PET, cackling. "God I love doing that," he thought, referring to going into the walls of each dressing room and making loud "Oooooooooooooooooooooo"s.
A man comes up and somehow ends up with his foot in Wes's leg. As his neat stack falls, Wes sighs. As the person apoligizes, Wes only responds with, "Uh huh..."

He finishes picking up his books and looks towards the counter. Maybe it was time to pay. He took one last look at the wall of manga before approaching the clerk. He pulls out his PET, "Hey, anything you need before I check out?"

"Don't think so..." Soulman replies. His face lights up as he realizes somethng, "Say, you're 18 now, right? Does that mean you can buy me..."

"No!" shouts the netop. His face gets red and he whispers, "We have plenty of that at home..." He then sits his selections on the counter and waits patiently for the cashier to get to him.
Walden walked along the tile floor of the mall, staying strictly to the right and expecting everyone else to stay to the left. He was here to pick up something, and the mall wasn't an environment he enjoyed: he would pick it up, pay for it, and leave immediately.

"Walden... what are we here for again?" ShellMan asked his operator, who had just stopped as he'd been walking down the path. He was being a bit sluggish to respond... the Navi couldn't find out what he was looking at, until he finally picked up the reflection of bikini-store models in his goggles. "I don't think they have any for men..." ShellMan said naively, causing Walden to suddenly burst back into his stride with his eyes downcast, trying to shrug off what he'd been doing. He wasn't looking where he was going, though, and suddenly a wave of scantily-clad women seemed to gush from the store, trampling him in their frenzied path.

Walden got up... he'd sometimes thought about such a thing happening, but all that had actually occured was the extreme bruising of his fragile body. He dusted himself off, then looked at ShellMan in his PET, grabbing it from where it had fallen. "I'm... all right," he told his Navi between coughs.

"Oh my God!" ShellMan exclaimed, covering his mouth as he gasped. "Walden... your nose is bleeding!!"

Walden blushed heavily covered his face. "D-don't worry about that now! I-I should go to the bathroom and wash up..." With that, the operator headed for the mall's restroom to clean his face.
Rania walked into the book store casually, shouting a goodbye to her friend with whom she'd just parted ways. She smiled as she walked over to the manga rack, letting down her bookbag and jacking MeleeMan onto the net through a small port on one wall. "Have fun MeleeMan! There are lots of books for you to read up on as well."

"R-reading?" MeleeMan asked, offended. "Do I look like the kind of guy who cares about that sort of thing?"

"No, not particularly, but you're going to anyways," she laughed. "Because we're not leaving till I find some new readin material." With that, she walked over towards the action manga aisle, then picked up a copy of a running series she'd been keeping up with. "Oooh, I love it when they bring out a new Soul Power!"

"Soul Power? Heh," MeleeMan smirked. "Let's see... what sort of things do guys like me read anyways?" Dumbly, he walked over and picked up a small comic bock from the racks, frowning deeply despite the simple words and large print. As he read, he began to laugh and generally display more motion than it seemed logical for him to. "Bwahaha! Jughead, you failed your conquest of the hamburger shop because you lacked the skill of a warrior! You fool!"

Rania smiled happily with the sparkling eyes of a child as she scanned through the manga; it wasn't one she could afford to miss. As she reached for her wallet, she took a look at the shopper next to her, a tall guy about her age who seemed to be looking at some very light romance manga, almost girly in their lack of male-appeasing intrigue.

At the same time, MeleeMan took notice of a male navi looking through a rack of "colorful" magazines. "Hm? What's he got there?" MeleeMan thought offendedly, noticing that even the magazines seemed a bit thicker than his read. As he approached closer, his nostrils flared as he saw the images in the magazine. "Huh..."

He spent a prolonged period of time looking over the navi's shoulder...

He then noticed Rania might be looking, and began to laugh. "Bwahaha! Look at your ridiculous... uh... hair! Yeah! What kind of idiot has hair like that!" He was doing a poor job of covering himself and feigning innocence.
"Oh come on!!"

K stood infront of the Mall gate. Wearing his dirty uniform, he even proceeded to scratch out some dandruff from his own hair. "I can't believe you convinced me to come to this place!!", "What's done is done. Don't complain about it!", "Oh c'mon Alphonse, your the one who tricked me into this!!", "And it's your gullible personality that also tricked you", "Gula-wah?", "*sigh* Let's just look around for a while", "Better be worth it!!".

As K passed by, being stared and pointed by many, which he didn't care for in the world. Saw a man holding his nose as it was bleeding. "Oh man, do you think he got into a fight? Just the righ--", "Oh, nonono. I'm not going to get kicked out of another mall fancy as this like last time in Netopia!!", "You should have stopped me when I punched the security guard!", "WHAT?!! He was clearly a guard and you proceeded to punch him when he was helping the others!!", "...He looked like he was gonna start a fight", "Wha?...Oh never mind that! Just ask him if he's alright!!"
Aida turned top see she had bumped into Shin. She now went into a panick hearing that he may have broke something. "O-OH! I-Im so s-sorry! I really a-am! I-its all m-my fault!!!!!!!"
A tall normal teenager with his long hair, somehow blowing in the air. Is standing infront of a store, his eyes taking in everything he could take. He wipes his face with his red shirt, and then runs his hand through his hair to straighten it to his perfect spot. He then looks around nervously, wondering if anyone would see him here.

"Sonofa, why the hell am I here. I've told myself never to go in there again."

A clothing store is infront of him, with expensive clothing in it. Polo shirts, different colored jeans, fancy belts, and finally fancier clothing then that. Bo stands tall looking in there with his face sweating like crazy. He had promised himself to never where a polo, or anything that would show he wasn't just some punk who lived in a crappy house. With clothes he had worn for about four years, and worn out jeans.

"Screw this, I got better places to be. Hunting store here I come."

Bo then turned on his heels and began to walk briskly. His hair blowing back out of his face. And his arms swaying like his hair, he then looked around. He had to take in the sites of what was around him, he couldn't pass up a chance to be together with someone.
"That... voice..." Shin muttereed as his head was still smashed on the floor. He jumped up quickly and looked straight at the person he think he knew.
"I know you..." Shin stated, pointing at Aida, in thought. "Aida, right?"
Wes paid for his stuff and was about to leave when he noticed some girl looking at him, "Uh... hi?"

Meanwhile, Soulman prepared to leave. He took the magazine and handed it to Meleeman, "Well, I'm done with this. I get to look at the good stuff when I get home, so I don't need this." With a big grin, he jacked out.
Aida gave a slight nod. "Y-Yes...."

Please dont be mad! Please don't be mad!!!
"Hey, you! Don't leave me with this!" MeleeMan growled, hastily shoving the magazine back into a random position on the rack. "Bah!"

"What was that, MeleeMan?" Rania replied, still staring at the shopper. She suddenly realized that it was rude to do so and looked back to her PET. "Did you find something of interest?"

"No! Nothing!" he snapped. "Women are useless!"

"What's that?" she inquired, her eyebrows twitching a bit at the comment.

"I said books are useless!" he replied, spitting on the ground to his right and crossing his arms defensively. "I ain't need no education! So, what are you busy staring at?"

"I'm not staring at anyone!" Rania replied, turning her head quickly from the man walking out of the store. "I found myself a book, thank you very much! At least I can appreciate the value of a good read." Both of them felt awkward as Rania walked to the front counter to purchase the manga.
Rayth chanced a casual glance over the cover of the book he was pretending to be reading. A girl had just entered the bookstore, heading straight to the manga section, and was now chatting with some long haired guy. Nothing to worry about, no one that he need concern himself with. He slipped another book off of the shelf next to him and slipped it into his pocket. That was his sixth, one more and he would complete the series.

"Are you almost done?" Chaos asked impatiently.

"Yes, now shut up." Rayth whispered fiercely.

He didn't fear getting caught, but he didn't like attracting any undue attention. He closed the book he was holding and set it back on the shelf. The other book he wanted was in the manga section. Rayth would have to grab the book and then bring it back to a more secure section of the store.