Divinity's Return!

Hello again, everyone!

Wow, it has been a while. Where do I begin?

First thing's first, you all most likely remember me. I was called "Zane" or "Reishawn," one of those two. However, I did return under this name since I lost all my passwords and stuff, and then I left shortly for personal reasons.

Oh yeah! That's right! Reasons was I was trying to be close to my girlfriend who I recently got back together with because she was a little moody and avoided me, and I had LOTS of college preperation since I was in my Junior year.

Long story short, I'm now a senior and about to graduate, I am a father of a very grumpy son (which explains her mood), and I'm very busy these days to the point I forget a lot of threads and posts (not to mention forums! Lol).

Anyway, it's nice to be back, and I even gotten back to posting. I look forward to seeing you guys around again. =D
Welcome back, hope you stick around!
Welcome back, you were missed. Thanks for remembering us. xD
@Fera: Of course! I'll try to, but it depends on life, love, and my grumpy son. =3

@Morisha: You're welcome as usual.
Welcome back, papa-kun.

I mean Zane.

I mean DH?

...You know what I mean.
@Twi: Well, not really. You were always pretty enigmatic, Twi.

Regardless, thank you for the welcome back.
Good to see you again.
Nice to see you too, Azu!
Heyo. :3
Hellu, Chardes! =3

I think I faintly remember you.
Few words, but I'll take them. lol!

Long time no see, Asator.