Back, from some Roleplay training and Maturity.

Hey, I'm back. If you don't recognize me, I'm Pikaman (even though I really hate to say that username again, god I was stupid as a kid), but now I came up with a better username. I managed to get my maturity and roleplaying skills up, and now I'm back for another chance.
Alright, now for you all to say "OH DEAR GOD NO HE'S BACK"
Just for the record, people are still going to call you Pikaman. Maybe not the X part, but Pikaman sticks. Maybe Pika. Changing usernames completely usually doesn't have an effect on what people call you. Usually.

Anyway, welcome back. Let's see you prove you're better.
Welcome back. I hope you have a better time of it this time.

A redmage needs an avatar? How about this, then?

@Fera: Meh, guess I'm okay with that if that's what everyone sticks with. It does bring back some good memories (but bad ones all the same)
@Azureink: Most likely will.
@Blizzard: It'll do. Thanks!