Well, it's finally dead

Or, at the very least, rendered completely useless.

My computer, as most of you are aware, is a piece of obsolete garbage. On top of its inherent problems, it has recently become the rest home for a couple dozen viruses and pieces of spyware.

Rather than try and rescue the poor, suffering beast, I've decided to let it die with what little dignity it has left. That being the case, I am now restricted to my DSi and the school computers for accessing RERN, which means I will be unable to access the chat, and there will be a recurring lack of length to my RP posts, due to the DS's character limit. I'll try to make this post as long as I can to demonstrate this.

This situation will most likely continue until I get my new computer from my Uncle, which I've yet to hear back from him on since the end of April. So, for the unforseeable future, I'm stuck with typing everything on a touch screen.

I apologize to any inconvenience this may cause anyone, namely Aim, but I should be able to continue our busting run, despite a slight handicap.

So, in summary, my computer is shit, I hate it, and I guess the character limit's longer that I thought. Still, it's there.

Alright later
Good luck.
Damn you! Also, I promise to mod you guys tonight, alright?
Hey, don't worry about me; I'll be fine regardless.

Good luck getting a new computer!
False alarm, guys.

As it turns out, I was infected with the "XP Internet Security 2011" malware. Luckily for me, I could still use Pesterchum without a problem. So, I found a guy on there, and he managed to send me a direct download link for Malwarebytes, and everything was cleared up.

I can now use my legendary piece of shit virus-free!
Oh god I've had that thing before. It's horrendous.

Well, welcome back.
I freakin' hate rogue antivirus software. They're like the HeelNavis of malware. I got hit with a vista one on my laptop, but MalwareBytes wrecked it with ease.

---Battle #1---

HeelNavi: 100HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

MalwarebyteMan.EXE: 999HP

*Uses "Search and Destroy" on HeelNavi (Accuracy Enhancement x2 + 9999dmg Null + SuperPiercing) [Passive]*