Hello, my name Colonel. Just wanted to introduce myself and hopefully get to know a few people from around here.
Yort! I'm Twi.

Welcome to the site.
People hang out by the chat.

You should do that.

Edit: Typing this while half-awake really wasn't the best idea.
Yo, welcome and enjoy your time. READ THE RULES AND FOLLOW THEM. THEY WILL HELP. :')
Always good to see new members. I'm Grim, and welcome to RERN. As others have said before, please take a bit to look over the rules of the board and the RP, and feel free to come to the chat to get to know the rest of the members. It's also the best place to go if you have any questions about the rules, character creation, etc.
Welcome. Hope you make some great memories here. (^-^ )b