From the depths I come

Long time no see, I'm coming back to the land of the posting. The dread beast real life hasn't swallowed me yet!

An to the people who have shown up in the past year, hi nice to meet you...

...and no I don't play DotA...
Hello again Niax. Hope you'll stick around!

Do you play LoL, by any chance? :V
Yes and no.

Yes, and sivir is my main.

No, cause future shop broke my video card when installing a hard drive and I can't afford to fix for another month... QQ

I've noticed a distinct LoL awareness as I wander around, is there some clan in here? :3
No clan; there are sort of four classifications of RERN LoLers:

1) Almost never play except once in a blue moon

2) Casual six-ten man games as often as possible throughout the week (maybe one or two on alternating days)

3) Casual games and fairly frequent normals

4) Frequent normals, some ranked, and generally assumed extended knowledge past the others... these are the ones that aren't around the chat that often though really, but still keep in contact

If you stick around the chat you'll probably figure out who is which.
5) Shuryou.

Welcome back and join us for a game sometime.
6) Harbin

Welcome back, man.
Hey, welcome back.