In Washington~

So I just arrived at Seattle to visit my brother for the week. Expect heavy drop of activity...since I couldn't bring my laptop and will be going around and stuff. Along with that, the computer also has a problem with the connection of the hard drive along with the usual keyboard problem, so expect a further lack of activity if anything.

If I do get some free time, I will be focusing on modding Fera and Aim/Lux if I can. MC, I'm sorry, but you might need to shelve for the time being...If we get a mod going on though.
Have fun picking out that windbreaker.
The highlight of my visit to my brother's place up till now:

A dead, dissected man's shriveled penis. Complete with few pubic hairs.

That is all.

(Typing this on a iPod, FYI...So no modding till I get back~)
Grody D:
A part of me wishes to ask the context of the highlight.

But I won't for the sake of the others.
Back to California now~

...but my computer problem still stands. My computer's hard disk either has a problem or the connection is weak, either way, I won't be able to use my computer (and mod) till I fix it. I don't know how severe it is and how long it would take to get it this time, I'm thinking about getting a new computer and start saving up D:

Anyhow, my activity will be here and there, just don't expect chat and modding activity any time soon ._.
So I figured out that the problem was indeed the hard drive it I had to go out and buy a new one (MY PORN FIGHT MONEY!!!). At least it's 70gb more than my previous one~

Anyhow, I'm on the process of installing the drive and everything else, which will take a while. So expect my usual activity...Thursday!! Why? Because I'm meeting up with my friend I haven't met since middle school at an arcade we use to go all the time~

See you guys soon~