Crescentia Vogel & Prayer.EXE

I am removing VenusMan.EXE and his Operator for this new team.

Name: Crescentia Vogel.
Age: 18 years old.
Gender: Female.
Appearance: Crescentia is a girl of an average height for her age and a slight bigger bust. Her weight is average as well and her body does not look fat or slim, just normal. She has normal white skin, not particularly pale nor tanned, dirty blond hair and light brown eyes. Her hair is short, reaching her shoulders barely, and is well maintained but not styled in any specific way. Covering her eyes is a pair of black-rimmed round glasses.
Her favourite outfit consists of a dark red turtle neck sweater, a red skirt of medium size, long white socks and a pair of white sneakers.
Personality: Crescentia is a klutz in every meaning of the word. She is no stranger to tripping over her own feet or if something is in the way, which has earned her the nickname "Crash" amongst her friends. This is entirely because she simply can't pay attention, which in turn is caused by her 'chronic daydreaming'. Crescentia will be very often found daydreaming wherever she is or whatever she is doing. A reason why she decided to pick up NetBattling is to battle her daydreaming by focusing her attention at one thing.
Aside from this she is kind to all she meets and enjoys most types of humor, only frowning to mean jokes and such. Her stance is very peaceful and serene, which is joined by her rather soft voice. Her hobbies besides NetBattling are reading books and playing piano.
PET Modifications: Crescentia's PET is painted with a silver color, shiny as well, and has a golden cross marked on its back. Aside from the color and the cross, there are no alterations.

Name: Prayer.EXE.
Gender: Female.
Type: Null/Guts.
Appearance: Prayer is a tall woman with a modest bust and a light skin color. She wears a black bodysuit, but is not alien to the fact that Navis can choose to not wear them. Prayer has pure white hair that falls to her shoulders and is not styled in particular, but looks wavy. She has clear light yellow eyes.
Attached to Prayer's ears are circular audio receivers made of metal with her emblem on it. Prayer's emblem is simply a white background with a yellow cross on it. Attached to the audio receivers is a metal visor, often seen on knight's helmets, with multiple vertical openings to look through. The visor becomes gradually higher as it goes from its hinges to the middle of the visor. This visor is always covering Prayer's eyes and cannot be moved. From the back of each audio receiver is an ornamented metal wing that stretches rather far beyond her head.
Covering Prayer's body is a black long robe that comes to just above her ankles. The left sleeve stretched out to her wrist, but the right sleeve is cut off at her elbow. Across the front is a large white cross, from top to bottom and its left and right ends stretching out across her back.
Covering each hand and lower arm is a medieval and metal gauntlet. The left gauntlet has a small shield attached to the back of Prayer's hand with a shining golden cross embedded on it. The shield doesn't stretch out further than her hand is big, but is still shaped like a shield. Attached to the right gauntlet is a giant cross that is placed along her lower arm. This cross is, in fact, a giant pile bunker. The left and right ends, plus some of the middle line, is golden and is the core mechanism. In it is a long silver rod that stretches out further than Prayer's lower arm is long, which is spiked at its front.
On her feet Prayer wears a pair of medieval and metal boots that reach up to just below her knee. At the top is a small shield with a golden cross embedded on it.
From Prayer's back come two beautiful feathered wings, one on each side, and each is white in color. They're both one and a half the size of Prayer's arms. The most outer feather of each wing is a golden feather.
Personality: Prayer's personality has many traits from the time of knights. She has a royal air about her, is graceful yet obedient and has a strong heart filled with courage. Aside from these traits she's generally stoic, but kind hearted. Her quiet personality is mostly because she's always on the guard for whatever may come. This was mostly caused by Crescentia's tendency to trip and Prayer trying to warn her about incoming dangers. She will talk freely if she knows nothing bad is going to or can happen, but only what is required. Due to her angelic design, she tends to speak about God or biblical matters but with her being a Navi she doesn't actually believe in a God. To her, Crescentia is her 'Goddess'.
Custom Weapon: Prayer can materialize floating golden crosses made of energy which she can send out like projectiles. For melee combat, she will use her fists and pile bunker.
Signature Program:
Name: Forceful Salvation.
Description: Prayer punches an enemy with her right fist, immediately activating her pile bunker to pierce the enemy as well. This combined force is capable of breaking shields if the enemy happens to have one.
- 40 DMG; Break.
- Melee; 1 target; 2 TCD.
what NCP do you want for her?
Shield NCP. My bad, completely forgot about that rule.

GET CHIP: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw1 x1
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: Undershirt, Shield