That Time Again

Heat and I will be mostly absent over the summer. That'll probably be about three months. Hope to see some of you over PSN while I'm at home and all that jazz, Heat and I share an account under AimManEXE.

Have a good summer everyone. :V

Bye, Aim, Heat.
See you around, folks.

I got addicted to MW4 right before my break started. Anyone who's still into that when I show up again, give me a shout. XD
I'll see your ass on online >:[]
Bye guys! We will miss you, as always!
What is PSN?

Anyways, see you two later. Hopefully I can get SINN close to MeleeMan's level so I can pal around with him.
PlayStation Network, Azure.

...who am I going to play GoldenEye with now? Hell, who am I going to play anything with? D:

We'll miss you guys.
Be Bros, Bros. (^.^ )b

Just Kidding. Have a great Summer, see y'all when you get back.
As it turns out, we can keep using my mom's laptop, so we'll still be around. No games or anything though, lol.
lol u troll

Welcome back, I guess. :V