Good afternoon, every one. I have been watching this site like a hawk since I signed up looking for an active MM RPing community. All the others I have found were terribly lack luster in content with a handful of so so and role players.

I have been Rping for +10 years now, however, this will officially be my first MM type of RP though I have RPed a reploid in the past.

I am excited to get things started, I get a full day off work tomorrow and that is a God send.

I also have a proposal to the admins and the site owner if they are interested in hearing me out. I have a host, plenty of space and was wondering if you guys would like to be moved to a premium forum? Of course you would also be joined with the many other RP forums that I own, but you shall not be neglected. Somewhat of an affiliation? If your interested, please don't hesitate to let me know. My AIM is AdagioEXE.

By the way, I'll host ya for free. No charge to you at all. I am a serious role player, so I take this sort of stuff seriously. I hope to get started on my characters tonight.
Ack! It's a bigshot! Don't you be stealin' our Body Odour, now! *breaks handcuffs*

Also, welcome. Hope you have a good time here. (^.^ )b
That... it... he... eh, where'd I put the standard greeting...

Quote (The Standard Greeting)

Welcome. There will be cliched death threats, warnings of players that you don't really need to watch out for, randomness interpreted by the posters as humorous, genuine welcomes, and Steve saying Yort, here in your welcome topic.

And I think that about covers it. I'm P.A.
We don't have to pay for this site either, thanks for the offer. ^^;

The higher ups may consider it, but MAX EXODUS is kind of silly.

Welcome and enjoy your time here. : )
Welcome newbie. Hope you have fun here. Just know this now...a lot of us are insane but the staff gets the job done.
Six-part welcome sequence, activate!

i. Heya, and welcome.
ii. Have fun.
iii. Read rules.
iv. Try not to piss anyone off.
v. Chat is full of helpful people.
*drops in a hello*
Isn't it required to speak about Steve's 'Yort'ing?
Steve has vanished. We don't know when he shall deliver his customary "Yort".

But I guess I can say: Yo!
Another melee type. Aim should be happy.