Anyone moderately familiar with the Internet should know what the title means.

An age or two ago, a user named Phoenix dropped off the face of the earth. Now, right around now would be the time I make some pun about rising from my ashes like a good little firebird, but I'd rather not because I'd prefer to let go of Phoenix as a moniker.

In short, Sage is back, under a new pen name. Hopefully, I'll be able to actually accomplish some RPing this time around.
I'd give you the normal welcome, but christ, it's SAGE. Welcome back, man.
Refreshing salutations to you, sir. Stay around this time, we've got loads of new company. Such as me. :]
Oh, hey man, welcome back.

<still scraps BinaryCross>
Yo Phoenix.

*sets up RE:RN's coffee-maker again*

Yo. :V
Who are you again?

Welcome back. <('o')>