Hello... there?

Hey I joined a week or so ago but this is my first post. I'm almost completely finished making my character profiles but have some questions...

For the navi hat does it mean by type? (Break, Sword, Cursor, Wind, Recover, or Normal?)

How do you make a signature attack? I looked at te topics about and I'm finding the whole thing confusing, if someone could help that would be great.

Other than that hi there! XD
For a Navi, you can choose one Element and Subtype. They are listed here.

For creating a signature attack, you start out with a pool of 60 points to spend. The effects listed in the Signature Attack Effects thread tell you what each effect costs.

So say you wanted to make an Attack with Break Damage

Break costs 20 points.

Trying to maximize your point usage you spend 20 points on Break and 40 points on damage

So like...

Pool Points: 60/60
Soul Fist Uppercut: Meleeman performs a burning uppercut to the opponent that shatters some types of defenses.
Cost: Break [20] +40 DMG [40] = [60 points total]
Cooldown: 2 turns. (Cooldown is the period until you can use the sig attack again. It resets after every battle. Every 40 points spent on a sig attack goes toward 1 turn of cooldown. Excess points beyond 40 count as another turn as well)
Points left: 0/60

So, that's my lengthy explanation. Hope you enjoy the site!

RS seems to have explained the signature system well enough, so I'll just say hello, and for the third time, say this: abide by the rules, be polite, and you're set.

See you around.
Heya. Welcome to RE:RN. (I say this a lot, but I do mean it.)

As for the Navi's hat/helmet... The RP really doesn't require someone to make a Navi that follows the Style Change system. Seriously, don't worry about that. Rather, the opposite is true, we'd (staff and players both) much rather see you use your imagination to come up with something new that you like. You don't even need to color your Navi to show your element either. It's not required.

I suggest looking at the profiles of other accepted members to get an idea of just how much freedom you really have in making a character. You can find them here.
Thank a lot.

And hopefully I'll fit in here.
Hey. Welcome, welcome. I'm P.A.

In other news, yes, the subtype system is big. As are the rest of them. But they're surprisingly simple once you sift through the babble.

Also, feel free to PM me if you need help.
Welcome to the site.

And that's all.
He says that to everybody. I don't know what it means, but maybe other people do.

Regardless, just take it as "welcome".
Aw... I see... that isn't... strange... (My friend in RL does the same thing)

Thanks for clearing that up ^^'