Hi. I'm Anubis, and Morrowlife introduced me to this... I haven't played the BN games extensively, but I've played through a few and I really like the series. I've got to say, I really like the way battles are set up and I LOVE all the customization options... I'm currently working on my characters, but I'll post soon.
Hello! I'm Hiko, or EnigmaTrain on the chat. Please stop by the chat.
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Well, welcome to RERN. If you need any help, ask the people in brightly colored names because they're your best bet when it comes to information.

Anyway, enjoy your stay!
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Welcome new person! As Sin as said, if you need any help just talk to someone with a colored name, or anyone for that matter the people here are generally intelligent.

Stop by the chat when you can! ^^

Alright, more new members! If you want some tips, etc. on making your characters (or just have questions in general), feel free to ask any of us.
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