Sage and Author

Name: Sage Relandi

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Relatively tall, Sage stands at approximately 6 foot 1, with a fairly average build. He's no bodybuilder, but his size allows for some compensation in turn. His hair is cut quite short, and he sports a round-the-mouth goatee that he tends to stroke when in thought. His eyes are chocolate brown, and he usually sports an easy smile.

His attire generally consists of button-down shirts of varying colour and pattern, and charcoal jeans. His choice of footwear is a pair of heavy black work boots, waterproof, snowproof, and generally incredibly useful. Topping off the look is an old-fashioned black swallowtail-coat he insists on wearing, regardless of the fact that the tailcoat hasn't been high fashion in many decades. He'll generally have a pencil tip poking out of a pocket, and he's never seen without his sketchpad.

Going into university for an Arts degree, Sage is very fond of all the fine arts, be it drawing, painting, music, or theater. He enjoys taking life one step at a time, living in the moment, and then sketching what he thinks would make good memories. Sage loves meeting new people, experiencing new things, and effectively trying anything for the first time. He's very fond of his life as a university student, and the freedom it allows him.

PET Modifications:
Not too fond of the belt holsters PETs are generally kept in nowadays, Sage had his PET attached to a long metal chain, the other end of which clips onto his belt, and keeps it in his pocket. The PET itself has been meticulously painted white, with gold ten-pointed stars in a few strategic places.

Name: Author.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Subtype: Recover


Standing at approximately 6 feet tall, and floating a good foot off the ground on top of that, Author's main body appears to be made of light, and is slightly transparent. Visible from inside his torso is an opaque golden ball, rings visible on the surface. In place of a face, a ten-pointed star floats a couple inches off the blank visage, sometimes spinning or moving. Five silver-white, winglike shapes float around Author, mostly staying behind him, but occasionally spinning wildly or flying freely if the situation calls for it. His lower body, otherwise blank, is decorated by a series of five triangular plates of the same shade as his wings, flaring behind him in a sort of imitation of a tail.
The final oddity that completes Author are the five balls that zoom around him like a sort of demented solar system. Unlike the larger gold one that rests inside his torso, the balls are a deep ruby red, royal blue, forest green, lemon yellow, and pitch black respectively, and seem to orbit his form with no pattern or order.

Personality: (How your Navi acts in general. Three sentences minimum.)
An odd case among Navis, Author is in fact the sum total of six different personalities, each contained within one of the beads on his person. Each has their own name, identity, and even a vague appearance; they are known as the Personae The core personality, contained within the white bead within Author's torso, is a very passive, emotionless personality, speaking only when required. He mostly serves as a silent observer, releasing control of the body to whoever decides to take charge.

The red Persona is named Absolom, a courageous and noble spirit. When taking control of the main body, Author's silhouette changes to a blockier, sharper appearance, resembled armour. Absolom is determined and never backs down, and holds the keys to the element of Fire, hence his ruby-toned bead and hot-blooded temper.

Awashima resides in the blue bead, as Author's feminine side. Her influence of the body shrinks it down to a child's proportions, while growing what appears to be a massive length of hair reaching beyond the figure's glowing feet. Awashima is timid and sometimes needs to be pushed by the other Personae to act, but is kind-hearted and gentle beyond compare. She represents the element of Water, flowing and graceful.

Shiroi's bead is forest green, as Author's avatar of Earth. He is a peaceful, ethereal soul that never quite seems in touch with reality, and tends to supply the stranger comments from the constant conversation that swirls around Author. Regardless, he can be very scary when angered, which thankfully is not that often. The main body obtains a long ponytail, and what appears to be a very long nose, pushing the decagon on the face up onto where the forehead would be. The body's arms also gain a feathery-looking texture, though the feathers' purpose is unknown.

Eyan, the yellow bead, is Author's Persona of Lightning. Eyan is easily the most outgoing of the Personae, doing much of any interaction with others. At times his personality can almost seem child-like, with a sort of blithe innocence that all but Awashima lack. When he takes control of Author, the body itself does not change, but several more intricate shapes weave themselves out of light and join the floating designs in orbiting Author.

The final bead, the black-tinted Persona, is Liam. Though he doesn't truly rule over the Null element, Liam mostly takes control of the non-elemental powers. True to his bead's colour, Liam is a dark, foreboding individual. He rarely speaks, especially not around other people, and tends not to orbit Author as enthusiastically as the other Personae. Many of his few words are quotes nobody but him recognizes, or cryptic self-notes. His influence over Author grants the amorphous body what appears to be a cloak shrouding the body, even if it's composed of the same light as the body itself.

Custom Weapon:
Author rarely does anything fancy for his basic attacks. Usually he'll simply fire blasts of light from his hands, or order the Personae to ram into the foe from within their beads.

Signature Attacks:

Author: Come To Me (40 Sig Points)
Type: Passive
Description: Author reaches towards the foe with a hand, and makes a motion as though to pull them forward. An unseen force then yanks the foe forward.
Effect: Pull

Liam: Surrender To Corruption (20 Sig Points)
Type: Active
Description: Influencing Author, Liam projects a dark wave of chaotic energy from his bead. This power can have unpredictable effects on the target.
Effect: Glitch

Pick an NCP.

I take Shield.
<(Bump, set, spike.)>

GET CHIP: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw1 x1
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: Undershirt, Shield