Figured I'd make it official

I'm out. Hasta nunca.
Well, I guess I'll either be seeing you around Makai or maybe you'll come back one of these days. But for now, it's so long for to a great RPer departing from RERN.
God bless you.
Take care man.
Have fun with the future.
Why Zanallen Left RERN: A Terrifying Tale of No Longer Giving A Damn

Now, those that were there in the chat during my last days at RERN probably have a rather negative image of me. I don't care. Think of me however you will. If you don't like me, I most likely despise you. Of course, there is a good chance that I despise you no matter what you think of me, so it really doesn't matter. I didn't join the site to make friends or join a community, nor do I have any need for such things. Quite frankly, I don't care what anyone thinks of me.

Anyway, most of you will probably have some inclination that I "rage quit" or some other such nonsense. This is false. I had been contemplating leaving RERN for quite some time, perhaps around three to four months before I actually ended my association with the site. I placed a lot of thought into my decision, reviewing many different factors and came to the only real option available to me: that of leaving RERN.

Now, when I first joined RECN, I had fun. I joined in order to write, not to RP or hang out or anything, but to write. I created my characters and I used the world of RECN to expand upon them, tweaking them and expanding upon them. It was good and I was having fun. Then I decided that I wanted to expand my influence and perhaps try my hand at using my writing to help shape the site. In doing so I was made a moderator. Things were fine for a time, sometimes even great. However, as days turned to weeks turned to months, I found that I wasn't really doing a damn thing to help the site. With that realization I grew to no longer care about the site, no longer cared about being a moderator. I reverted back to my original purpose, writing.

Unfortunately, soon after this the atmosphere of the site began to grow stale and I found myself no longer wanting to write. I contemplated switching characters, but mostly just found myself wandering around other sites such as Makai. I grew tired of the writing aspects of RERN and found myself spending just about all of my time here in the chat and even then I was using the chat to discuss Makai. I started to feel that maybe RERN was dying. Of course, certain people didn't want to hear such talk and bashed me for it. I grew to dislike many of the people in the chat, only really talking to Aim and Lux. With my final banning from the chat, I figured that it was time to go. I didn't write here anymore, didn't even care about my characters or the site as a whole. So, I left and I plan on staying gone. I just figured I owed a better explanation of my leaving. I'll be on Makai and maybe Vell Fors. Other than that, don't expect to see me around.
Nah, just kidding.
Isn't that this topic?
I mean, my opinion?
You're still on Makai, so there's no real big good-byes from me, here. TALK TO YOU ON THE RED SITE.
Well, I'm still sorry to see you go, Zan, as I personally found you rather fun to talk to in the chat. You were entertaining, to say the least.

But whatever, I suppose I'll just have to see you on Vell Fors for now.

I mean, I like this site, but I'm more interested in it as a community, so you leaving the community is what bothers me more here, not you leaving the RP, but, again, whatever.

Good bye topics make me feel awkward, I have no idea what I really should be saying . . .

Well, thank you for the explanation, and I'm glad to know that you didn't grow to dislike me.

I think I'll end this now that I really haven't had anything to say for the last three lines.

Meh, you don't connect with a lot of people anyway.

Good job in finding your likes and dislikes, populace pressure isn't something you need to submit to.

I'll see you on Makai. As you try drilling my characters to dust. :'D