I'm In a Slump.

I guess the miraculous circumstances surrounding my event topic make this as good a time as any.

I find myself coming on less and less. Roleplaying's sorta lost its spice to me and all that. Mod? I was never any good, but I'm now topping my record for inactivity.

This is more of a retroactive thing extending to present, letting you know why I've been such an absentee.

If anyone could tell me what's going on with my event topic (it's been about a month since anyone but me posted to anything but bump,) that'd be cool too.

Sorry for how sparse this thing is. I came here at six in the morning, thinking that surely my topic had been updated by now, worried about how long I'd kept Forte and Steve waiting. I'm tired and mostly incoherent with my language. : P
The forum has been really slow lately, so it's nothing to be surprised at. Good to see you're still alive though.

'I find myself coming on less and less. Roleplaying's sorta lost its spice to me and all that.'

And I know exactly how that feels.

Thought this topic was about Dr Slump.
I've lost the RP'ing spirit before. Usually VGMetal and Metroid Metal get me in enough of a fighting mood to post, and then the small boost I get is enough to propel me to the end of the battle where I see the reward: rewards. And by that time, I'm usually posting once or twice a day.
But, then, maybe you've tried that. Maybe I'm rambling.

Anyways, here's hoping you get out of your slump.

As for the event? NP and NM are fighting, suddenly TWO MASSIVE BEASTIES appear and fight, lagging the net before BREAKING IT. If you haven't finished battle 3, you can't yet comment on it, but that's the general gist of what's going on.
Take a huge break.

Then come back.

Worked for me a couple of times.

Oh, and being on the chat helps, too. >:
Roleplay something else for a while. You may be stuck on one genre or style of RPing too long. If that's not it, then just get away from the computer.

I works for me to read something and gets my spirit back up if I get away for at least a month or two.
You know what helps?
Take a small break, for a couple days, not letting yourself do any sort of RP'ing.
Then just let it all out. :'D
I'm REALLY NAGGY AND HYPERANXIOUS when it comes to RP'ing, so I love things speedy. As of now, I'm kinda slow, leaving my topics on Makai and Aria in the dust.
I don't have enough time to sit down and write as of now. Oh, well.

Glad to see from life from you, though.
<grabs Miek and shakes him>
I was worried sick about you. D: <drops Miek>
At least you're alive. :'D
Roight, you should follow the advice of said people above me. ^^

Quote (Legoroy)

Thought this topic was about Dr Slump.

Actually, I can't help but think of Dr. Slump when I see the title either. :x

This came as a big "phew" to me. I half-expected to come back and find out that the even was over and everyone was mad and Shur had sold me into the sex trade. I have a very active imagination sometimes... :\

Yeah, I don't think I'm to the point of "omgleavingforever" just yet, and I doubt things'll ever get to that point -- I love you guys and all that. I suppose a hiatus might help me there.

I still intend to fulfill my modbligations to Tom and Robo, so I don't think a full absence would quite work, but it's good to know that I can wander off into the wild for a while and still have your blessing.

Thanks, guys. ^^


Nah, I'm kidding.

'Kay, guys, I think I've finally found my head again. Maybe I'll get to work on finally fixing Chess' sigs to fit last year's rules. : P

((Also I've finally come up with the bare bones of a half-decent story for my game, which is good. : D))
Woooh Miek. :0

Good to see you may be back around.
'Sup, Miek...
I think you'll have found in your absence that people have found in their hearts for me another spring of hatred. Other than that, I've improved a lot in RP skill (at least, according to my ego/PA). :'D

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Other than that, I've improved a lot in RP skill (at least, according to just my ego). :'D

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