I'm not dead

A month and a half long dissapearance means nothing. Really.
Oh really? XD

Don't worry, I was gone that long too, I've not gotten back awhile ago. Gee...it seems like a lot of people are coming back near September and entering October...maybe it's a conspiracy!

Anyway...welcome back!
It's the crack cocaine.
It's school. During summer, your mid wanders too much to focus on somthing like this. Then school stats up and you ned somthing to kill time after homework, so you check up on the old boards. And what heppened to your sig? You don't have any navi info.

Wait, are you sure you're not a zombie or something?

Now he's dead. No need to worry, citizens. All in a day's duty for Leon - Person Killer.

Also, welcome back.

Also, as for the sig, I just disable mine wherever it's not necessary. It's a habit.

In any case, I blame the long absence on lack of... something, for CrushMan. I don't want to say inspiration but that may very well be the case. I had, and still have, so many ideas for what I wanted to do with him for a character, little intrigues that his scheming operator would go through with, but then I simply lost interest. I blame World of Warcraft. My internet issues hasn't helped the manner either, although it certainly has killed my ability to play WoW, heh. Beyond that, new 360 awesomeness, Bioshock and Halo 3 to consume my soul. And Warhammer 40k. I've gotten addicted to plastic crack pretty quick. In a month, I've probably blown close to 500 dollars and Warhammer and Warhammer related materials. As a result, I've got a 3500 point Necron army. The local players are impressed by my growth, although I've still got a lot to learn.

Err... Yeah. Glad to be back though, heh.
There are no local players where I come from.


Bioshock = Win
Halo 3 = Fail

And..............I want to battle Crushman.
We all do Zan, we all do...

On a totally unrelated note, welcome back.
Well ... I do wanna be more friendly with Crushman, heh. We never DID get our Crosses, I KNOW we have enough now...
*Murders DNR* Now you shall never achieve CrushCross!
*reses DNR* I R gud Clrc. I res gd. BRB..................now that that's out of the way, I must sincerly welcome you back, and hope to enjoy seeing you bust, as yours apear to be a powerful and populer navi.
Crush Cross? A cross with a navi called crushman...is it really that special?
I guess. They must want it if they are killing each other over it.
what do you mean, importaint?

people die around me all the time...

...not trough any fault of my own...

*hides weapons*
If it's that addictive and people are killing over it! That just means they're crazy!

Count me in too! I'll compete for it! Crush sounds like something destructive and Empress likes destructive! XD
Really it is just that Tom is a passably good RPer, almost as half as good as I am, and so it is fun to work with him. You get crosses in the process so you get double the reward.
Yes, you are.
Well, who isn't a good RPer here? Since everyone seems to make good posts, and I wouldn't mind RPing with anyone...except for maybe DarkRai who spams and such , but other than that, everyone's great. Then again, I never saw his posts. I'm kind of intimidated by everyone anyway, so nah!