Camping is laim

Yeah. Leaving tomorrow (Sunday), and coming back on Sunday August 12. Don't crash the boards without me, etc.
Have an arduous trip.
Har har.
I most certainly will.
:ph43r: :ph43r: :ph43r: :ph43r: camping ninja
Roar and stuff.

I'll try to resurrect my muse and motivation and squeeze out a suitable Spartan (no, I don't mean stark) post.

But no promises. D:
IF u see a 10 Ft tall walking potato, tell him the cheese wants his bag of onions back.

He'll understand
Guys, shouldn't we get to work on crashing the boards while she's gone? I mean, there are scant few days left.
I'm working on it.
The failed April First joke was enough, kthx.
It's okay, we'll just close the signups for the massive GMO raid this Saturday, if we don't already do so earlier.
Good one, guys, missed your chance to have a bachelor party while I was gone.

Yeah. Back. The chat suddenly isn't working, though. D':
Welcome back miss.

I'll be back on Tuesday.
Labor Day hates you apparently.