Well, I've moved in, now, but still a little tied up. Less tied up, that is, but still distracted. This flat is like the characters in some Azumanga-type anime. We have a /b/tard, a furry (two, but I count as the /b/tard), a Trekkie, an Otaku and a German Nazi. No, seriously. That last guy IS a Nazi. Some of us are planning to stick up pics of Jewbacca and Jew Jitsu for shits and giggles.

On a somewhat related note, jew-related pics, plz. Or Nazi-related ones.
What was I Nal? O.o

i do not condone the nazi's of no pics from me.....even though i'm TECHNICALY a nazi being part german and all. welcome back nal.
Dark, being part German =/= Nazi
Not all Germans are Nazis....
Likewise, not all members of the past or present Nazi Party were German.