Fatal Error

My computer has died.

The motherboard is completely fried, and it took half of the RAM, the wireless ABG Card, the Ethernet Card, the Fax Modem, AND the Sound Card with it.

The HardDrive, CD-ROM Drive, and Videocard survived.

The CPU also miraculously survived.

The posts are written, so please be patient until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Consider this a vacation from doing Modly stuff.
Snaps. That sounds horrible. GBS.





Yes, do consider.
ouch......hope it gets fixed as soon as posible, until then.....ENJOI YOUR VACATION FROM THE COMPUTER! HA....*shot*
wait what?!?!


did you get struck by lightning?
When I first read that, I thought it said, "My mother has died," at first. Although the reality is much worse than that. *shot*

Well, that really sucks. Here's to getting a new computer soon! *raises a glass to Pally*
Ha-what? I don't get it.

Greco, eh? Is that what GC stands for?
Little Paladin here refuses to give me his real name... I like to call people by their real names to have that piece of realism that we have some kind of friendship. But he refuses to give me his so I decided to give him the name 'Greco'. And since then I've called Greco every single time. I've gotten used to it. Even if he decides to give me his real name, he'll remain Greco.

And GC probably stands for Grand Cross.
So what's your real name?
Mine or Greco's? XD
Either and/or both.
Mine is Maarten. I don't mind people knowing it. Everyone on the chatroom knows it anyway. 8D
Maartin, ey? Seems a little odd.

Mine you can probably tell.
hi roy!

Remember: Correct Punctuation. This includes capital letters, no?
i do it all the time in the RP, MUST i do it ALL THE TIME?
If you want to get anywhere in life beyond middle school <3
C'mon, Darky! There's 3 buttons for them! Practise with each, and your RP skill will soar way over mine. That, I promise.

*cheesy Maito Gai-esque thumbs up*