I'm Brother Arbalan. Jean's older brother, nerd of all types, and otherwise a decent human being. I'm also a warhammer 40,000 player and a D&D DM and player.

Haruhi is your GOD.

Brother Arbalan comes from WH; Space Marines refer to each other as Brothers, as they are Sons of the Emperor.

I regestered (yay), so now what do I do?

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Haruhi is your GOD.

I should probably watch that anime. XD

Good to have you. First get a character registered (seems you already did that), then head out. I'd suggest trying virus busting somewhere like ACDC (it's the easiest area) to start. You could also try to team up if you'd like; a lot of other people are right now. Try sending a PM to somebody that's busting alone and seeing if they want to.

Er, I'm actually AimMan, by the way. >.>;
WELCOME! i am darkstar, resident n00b, cat lover and furry. if you have questions, ask thine mods and admins, they will help, and PLEASE, for the LOVE OF GOD, read the rules, we have had a few members who never read the rules and stuff like that.

I'm Drakim, local code God, and problaby your brother in nerds. ^^

Nice to meet you. You can pretty much do whatever you want here. We keep adding random stuff in addition to the official rpg nowadays.
... Right. Is there a school thread in the city somewhere?
no. if you want a school setting, you make a school setting, in your own thread.

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and otherwise a decent human being

Not for long you aren't!
4chan (NSFW)
Welcome to RE:RN. Your mind will be poisoned as soon as Shuryou/Twi/Wooga posts. For now, enjoy your sanity.
You're too late. This guy is a /b/rotha already.

Oh, that reminds me. This may scare all of you, but I met a GIRL who fences SABER and is a channer. She likes /a/, /y/, and /b/ when she's bored. I could be wrong but I think she said she went to /h/ and /d/ for fun sometimes too.

I have little doubt that we have the spawn of Lori on our hands in this short blonde girl.
Well...I'm a GUY who likes 4chan (/b/, /s/) and 7chan (/s/, /f/)...
Doesn't matter really.
I meant the /s/ one.
You are seriously okay with /b/, Hiko? But you're... like...

At anyrate, welcome to the site, Brother. You can get into it as much as you like, either in RPing or just getting into our strange little sub-society we seem to be creating, heh. If you'd like to jump straight into the RP, just create a thread in a real life section, be it ACDC, Electown, whatever, of your operator doing something. Think of it as their introduction. After that, you could create a thread in a Net thread of your choice. ACDC is suggested for people just getting into the system, as the viruses are weakest there and the mods are the most lenient.

If you'd like to become one with our little society, well, you're doing that already just by your OOC actions. Hot spots include the Random Images thread, the Random Chat thread, the RERN chat, and just about anything decent out of the spam can. Everyone's got their own little niche to fill, so you don't really need to worry about fitting in. Oh, we've got some strange ones with us, surely, but then considering your /b/ackground, that might not be too new for you anyway, heh.

If you're looking for interacting with other players in game, you'll probably need to arrange it out of character at this point. You're friends with Kazu and Roguen, so you might be able to group with them, but you still might want to just mess around on your own for a bit.

Now, as for what you specifically want, a shool setting, well, we don't really have cities, per se. The majority of the content on this site is user created and, quite surprisingly, the only city we really have so far that I know of is a city that exists solely on the Internet, thus called Internet City. It's feasible that you could create your own city in one of the Nation in character threads, such as Netopia or Sharo, or you just create a school in one of the towns, IE ACDC and Electown. If you do it well, you'd probably draw some other players into it, now that I think of it...

Anyway, good luck!
I just think it's stupid.
Wow, an Avatar: the Last Airbender blowjob game! : D
I think this is the only thread on the site that has made the bottom ads pop up as warhammer40k stuff. Horray!

And Greetings fellow Space Marine.

And watch out for the Orcs... They tend to follow me around.
Enjoy the site.
Welcome. I am STILL the resident metalhead. Listen to the stuff in the player in my sig if you doubt me.

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I regestered (yay), so now what do I do?

Get your butt over to La-de-da.

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You are seriously okay with /b/, Hiko? But you're... like...

Why don't you LOOK at it, smartass?
I have. Once. And that's why I never went back to 4chan again.
o.o You guys are TWELVE. Save porn for when you're EIGHTEEN *shoots Kazu* You too. >.> AND WHEN YOU HAVE NO GIRLFRIEND. *Shoots Kazu again*

Oh wait, he goes to /i/

... *rezzes kazu* XD

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o.o You guys are TWELVE. Save porn for when you're EIGHTEEN

A: I have no girlfriend, she dumped me.
B: I'm 13. 13!!!

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A: I have no girlfriend, she dumped me.
B: I'm 13. 13!!!

A. Way to talk about me as if Im non-exsistent.
B. Right.