............Figured I'd Make it Official....

Sigh, do you know the hardest thing about leaving a site that you have invested so much time and energy into? Attempting to fill the void left behind. These past few days have been hell. Not being here, not having the ability to post and further the growth of the characters that I have cultivated...It left a gaping hole that nothing could fill. Video games paled in comparison and I couldn't concentrate long enough to read or write effectively. It was hell...Torture. And so I return. With my tail between my legs I return. I can only beg for your forgiveness for my past deeds as, though I did not come here for friendship, I surely found it amongst the members of this site.

Majin, I own you an apology. My "joke" on that ill day was in poor taste and I am sorry for that. I am sorry that I let myself get carried away when I felt that you were placing all of your anger on me. I over reacted and for that I am sorry. I understand how you feel about the staff of this site, I truly do; however, I must still ask you to reconsider your position of non-modding. The members need you Majin. You were by far the most active member of our staff when it comes to the heart of this site: Battles. The members need your creativity and your energy. However, if I am overstepping my bounds by asking this, then forgive me.

LHH....I said some things. I was angry. I apologize.

As for my own position as a mod, I feel that it was the correct decision to remove it. I am not the most active when it comes to the important aspects of this site. I am much more useful as a member or as an adviser, preferring to spend my time RPing or in the chatroom discussing philosophy with Tom, Knight and DNR: The inherent failings of man, Nationalist, the weakness of all government, idle banter really. As such, I respect the decision to remove my modship and I stand by whomever you place in my stead.

In closing, I am a horrible person. I know this as do many of you who frequent the chat as we discuss the base nature of man quite often. I feel that I must apologize for my actions, swallow my pride and accept the judgment of the people. I would like to return as a member to RP and to converse with those who would still name me as friend. I ask for nothing more than what the people would grant upon me. I have said me piece and I await your decision...That is all.
Good to have you back, pal.

Jackass. Making me look like a sentimental fool in your goodbye thread. Heh, good to have you back man. I was wondering how long it would take. And heck yeah, those philosophy talks are fun! It's just kind of frustrating that noone wants to argue that humans are innately selfish! I have just too much fun arguing that side!

But, eh, whatever. It's good to have you back. Err, rather, back and in the open. You said you were running out of names so I figure this is as handy a way to fix that problem as any. And we didn't even have to guilt trip you that much! How lovely!

Hmm... How to close... Revived Sin? If you read this, remember asking who that one guy in the chat room was? ...Yeah... I think you know who it is now, heh.

Again, good to have you back Zan. Means I can switch your character back over to active status. Keep up the good work man. I'll read those writings you put up soon.
*sniff* It's good to see you staying.
.....somehow I knew this would happen
Like I said-- I wrote the sequel. I knew how it would've ended.

The Z-squad is still 5 members strong; glad to see you in the ending credits, lad.
heh.....bastard......don't do this to us man. i hope that you stay and never leave us.
Ker-welcome back.

Quote (commondragon)

.....somehow I knew this would happen

Ditto. Dosn't mean I'm not glad your back.

You rock man.
ZANNY! <glomps Zanallen>
Huh, wonder if Lunar saw this. <smirks devilishly>
Welcome back Dark Knight Zanallen, Good to have you back.
I called it, Zan couldn't leave, now pay up.
I really don't know how to respond to this. I was in the wrong in my actions as well, so just saying I forgive you isn't exactly in my authority to do. I seem to get angry and make rash choices just as you do, plus, after taking into consideration a few tidbits I heard, it just adds to the arguement that our actions were very much the same. So I guess I'll just say sorry as well and hope that we can leave it at that. Also, I'll give a furthur apology for your temporary leave, since that was in large measure due to me. While my wrath was for a moment burning quite harshly towards you, getting you to leave was never my intention. Bullying someone into leaving is something I strongly stand against so whenever people feel that I'm trying to show them towards the door, I feel really bad. As long as a person wants to stay and play here, no one has the right to force them to leave just because they don't like them. For clarification, I no longer feel any negative emotions towards you.

As for the position on my modding, I'm really not sure I should. I'm extremely judgemental and lately it seems that I fly off the handle a lot. While at times my anger is justified, my yelling never changes anything. In the end, my temper just worsens relationships here. While I'm not sure what it is that's suddenly causing my anger to flare out, be it real life or the site, it still doesn't change the fact that someone in the position of Official or even Moderator who is prone to flip out is detrimental. Gaining access to the Mod Cave and bearing witness to all the arguements and politics that go on there would only cause my temper to worsen furthur. Until I manage to gain control of my emotions again, I'm afraid that'd it'd be bad news for everyone if I rose in position again. Sorry.
No worries. As I said, I respect your decision. Let bygones be bygones then? We cool?
meh, whatever, ya meh.... whatever.... dam I'm hungry.
<hugs Zan>
Yes, we're very cool my good freind.
I seem to recall saying a few things as well. You had every right to be angry with me.

This place...has a draw of some sort. I tried to quit twice while we were still RE:CN, and failed both times. It seems only the most hardened jackass can truly leave and never come back...

...which you are not. I forgive you, I hope you forgive me, and good to have you back.
I wasn't here for any of this, so I have no real right to say anything but the obligatory greetings. Now, though, I know more clearly than ever why I am not an April Fool's person.

At any rate, glad to hear things are all resolved, at least to a point where no one is at anyone else's throat. And yes, Zan, welcome back. You're one of the more intelligent and creative members on the forum, and it'd be a shame to lose your kind of talent.
I've been gone few days, it seems, but Aim told me you were back. That's good to hear! XD

Figured I'd stop in and give you a proper welcome back, eh?

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Figured I'd stop in and give you a proper welcome back, eh?

More than I can say for that filthy brother of yours... <_<

Nah, I keed. I keed. Hurry back to full activity, alright? That way the philosophy group can add the Gundams to our list of vengeance themed shows.